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June 2011


Message from the Chairman:

Sorry, this newsletter is a bit late
. If you want to help make sure that this doesn't happen again, you are more than welcome to join the ranks of our 'editors'. As a contributor to such teams, in fact as a contributor to any serious discussion at LongeCity, you get the full benefit of the LongeCity volunteer incentive systems, which are possible with the help of friends and sponsors like StopAgingNow. If editing and words are not your main thing, maybe you could help with our new campaign to improve the LongeCity website design, or maybe you'd like to join in with our science initiative. On this front we have just achieved a fantastic victory: The Microglia Stem Cell research project that we have been fundraising is now ready to start! Now, that news was surely worth waiting for!


Microglia Stem Cell Fundraiser - SUCCESS!

For many months we have been raising money for LongeCity's most ambitious research project yet:
'The Microglia Stem Cell project' to investigate a novel potential treatment for combating neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's.
After months of fundraising we are now delighted to announce that the project has started!
Through many donations large and small, the community has raised sufficient funds to initiate the project. Last month, we passed the 80% mark and knew that full success would only be a matter of time. Then, something amazing happened: though promoting this effort, a far sighted investor has stepped forward who can see the potential in developing this research project. The angel has been in touch with Mondey and committed a substantial contribution towards a research arm that is closely aligned to the project LongeCity is funding. Thus, we have achieved something amazing together: every dollar donated to this life extension research project has not only been doubled through internal funds but multiplied manifold! Few people, especially those with very limited personal means, who want to invest in life extension would find such effective opportunities to make a real difference. 

>> Project Page

LongeCity Design Contest -- $500 to be won 

fter our rebranding earlier this ear, the LongeCity website needs a graphical revision. 
We are looking for all of the following: 
1) Small art pic (pixelart) for each major Forum section 
2) An art concept to support the ‘City’ theme of the forum 
3) An art concept to frame non-forum pages 
4) An index page design 

Contributors should submit a draft concept by July 18th 2011. Among the submissions, the board will draw up shortlist and a winner will be chosen, by the Members. The prize is $500 with an opportunity for further work. 
Please help spread the word across the internet and among artistically gifted friends so that we get some great contributions. 

>> Further information about the contest

Forum Rewards System 

Everyone with a LongeCity forum account is automatically enrolled in two complementary acknowledgement systems:  

1) Reputation 
LongeCity Members and Registered Users can vote for each others posts to show approval of disapproval (by clicking in the right hand corner on the last line of each post).

>> Further information about the 'Reputation' system

2) 'Thank You' points
These are earned for having made a valuable contribution to a LongeCity team or project in the past month. Members can also receive these points by posting particular forum sections (mainly those sections that have to do with projects and action) and by transferring them amongst each other as a mark of respect and encouragement. '₮' points can be converted at our 'virtual store' into prizes including gift vouchers and free and membership.

>> Further information about the 'Thank You' system
Stop Aging now - Special offer!

The good folks at Stop Aging Now have been supportive of LongeCity in the past. Now, they have shared a special promo offer to a special deal. 'Free' Vitamin D3 with only a $4.95 shipping charge per bottle.  No strings attached, no automatic payment plans and no further commitment. Each bottle contains 90 softgels (a 3-month supply)!   

>> Stop Aging Now Partner Page

Reminder: LongeCity Science Initiative

As a reminder, LongeCity plans to consolidate and improve its science support and information activities.
We want construct a better approach to tap into the bright scientific minds in the community and use that expertise for initiatives like:

-- more grants for innovative science and better monitoring of existing projects
-- create a database of expertise, so that we can help to foster collaboration and support networks
-- offer friendly peer review from business plans to grant proposals, draft papers, coursework
-- better ways of highlighting new info on funding and scientific breakthroughs 
-- sharing information from electronic subscriptions to laboratory protocols
-- careers: Linking project students with supervisors, job opportunities

The initiative is open to scientists, students, and recognised experts.  If you are interested in contributing in any way, >> please add your name here (tick 'yes' if this applies to you).

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