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May 2012    
Sometimes the usual newsletter publication day of the 8th of the month gets bumped back to the 18th.
This is one such occasion due to recent attention of upgrading our software. The bulk of this work has been done, but some further changes will be more obvious to Members over the next few days and weeks. Make sure you come to visit!     


Upgraded software & evolving layout

Earlier this month, we performed another upgrade to the LongeCity software architecture. While some chinks remain to be ironed out, the upgrade went quite smoothly and should give us improved performance especially in the forums. Already, the load on the server has decreased measurably.
In the wake of the upgrade, we are also changing the layout of the site a bit. LongeCity has many tools and features to enhance information sharing for the mission, but these are not very well known and underused. To address this, we are experimenting with a new menu structure and new ways of sharing information across the site. As usual, we are asking for patients while changes and experiments are bedding in - unfortunately we don't always have the capacity to do changes 'behind the scenes' -- thus things may look a bit 'under construction' at times.

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Monthly Memberships to be phased out 

As mooted in previous newsletters, a decision has now been made by the board to phase out monthly memberships. We will be contacting current monthly members over the next few weeks about this change

⇒ Immortality Institute

Microglia Stem Cell Research: Progress report

Last year, the community came together to raise funds to support a research project using stem cells as a potential therapy for brain aging. Now, some results are in and over the next few days Mondey, will report on what the tam has achieved with community funding in a LongeCity blog.

⇒ Microglia Stem Cells Blog

Recent Podcasts

Speaking of fundraisers, Mind's recent guest on 'LongeCity now' was Chana de Wolf- runner-up and therfore co-beneficiary of the recent 'crowdsourced' cryonics fundraiser. Chana talks about their cryonics research venture, the research programme, and the future acceptability of cryonics. 

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