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August 2012    

LongeCity Research Fundraiser 2012: Expressions of Interest sought! 

LongeCity continues its proud tradition to support small-scale, high-impact life extension research in 2012.
(For a review from 2011 see here)
LongeCity will be able to support a project with a minimum of $2000 and up to $8000, subject to matching by other donors. LongeCity will launch a call for matching donations and every donation generated in that call will go towards the project budget (Thus projects can have a total budget of $4000- $16.000).
For specifications and further details see here

Interested parties should send a project outline of no more than 800 words and a curriculum vitae of the project leader to research@longecity.org
--initial Deadline: August 31st 2012!

Small Grants Reminder 
While we eagerly anticipate submissions for this years ‘big’ fundraiser, take-up for our smaller initiatives has been, to put it bluntly, a bit disappointing. This includes the "Small Grants Support" initiative announced in June and the 'share rewards' and '$10 re-post' initiatives announced last month.
Sure, LongeCity certainly doesn’t have a lot of funds and we need to watch every cent to make certain it is spend responsibly, but we still want to spend more money than we are currently. Just keeping the funds idle will *not* advance our urgent mission. We need to find ways of spending small sums with maximum effect and we need *your* help in doing this. 
LongeCity Members are invited to share their ideas in this thread.

Monthly memberships now no longer selectable 
Earlier this year, we announced that we are phasing out monthly memberships. From this month, monthly memberships are no longer available as an option for new Members. Existing monthly Members with a recurring subscription can stay in this arrangement for the foreseeable future. However, once such a subscription has been allowed to lapse, it cannot be resumed and only annual subscriptions will be available. 
This was not an easy decision with advantages and disadvantages, but on the whole, we are excited about the opportunities that this policy change permits: It will now be possible to welcome new Members in a more individual manner, making sure that every fellow joining the ‘Immortality Institute’ gets a proper welcome and introduction. As part of this initiative, we will also be approaching existing Members... stay tuned! 

Podcast: interview with SENS interns 
Have you been wondering lately how things are progressing at the SENS Research Center? In particular, how has the Academic Initiative been developing? Have former interns found positions at major research centers? What new ideas are being brought to fore?
Wonder no more! This week Mind will be interviewing Daniel Kimbel, the Academic Initiative director along with three interns - Jennie Sims, Connie Wang, and Sam Curran. It will be interesting finding out how young researchers are finding their way into rejuvenation science and any new ideas they bring to the table.
Ask questions and pick up the audio here


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