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B.A.S.E. Victor@OpenCures - your help requested!
Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns are affecting rejuvenation research and the lives of researchers – molecular biology graduate Victor Bjork among them. 
For years while Victor pursued his studies he has been promoting research and activism for longer & healthier lifespans, including many contributions to the LongeCity community. After obtaining his degree Victor, originally from Sweden, was thrilled to be recruited to intern at an aging research company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, because of COVID19, his engagement had to be terminated and Victor’s visa is in peril.

With the goodwill of supporters, we hope to raise enough funds to enable Victor to stay and work with one of our Affiliate Labs in the area:

OpenCures, the latest venture by our former Director Kevin Perrott helps self-directed researchers access cutting-edge tools such as mass spectrometry to self-evaluate their biomarkers. Classified as an essential biotech, OpenCures is not restricted by the current lockdown provisions. 
At OpenCures, Victor could not only gain valuable experience and training but also help with a key project for LongeCity:
Biomarkers of Aging Self Experimentation (BASE) aims to advance longevity science by collating data from scientific sources and personal test results in a curated community format. The project will empower LongeCity members to analyse and understand their own data, recruit new ‘citizen scientists’ to the community, and provide a valuable open source reference for researchers. 

This fundraiser will cover the minimum expenses for Victor’s lawful employment at OpenCures for the remainder of his visa and the technical and conceptual development of the BASE project. Funds will be collected by LongeCity and transferred to OpenCures as a research grant. 
Unfortunately, time for the fundraiser to succeed is very limited. 
If you would like to help, please act now!
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