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April 2013    

LongeCity Budget 2013 
The annual budget is the plan that sets out roughly how we will spend money in the next 12 months. 
For 2013, the following fields have been identified, among others:

º Officer expenses. LongeCity does not have any employees, everyone is a volunteer. It is recognized however, that there are certain expenses associated with routine commitments and responsibilities and some money is set aside to meet these. In 2012, we again underspend the allocated funds for this position, but we want to remain open to fully explore this option and to appoint further suitable candidates. Those interested in getting involved at leadership level please contact the Chairman

º Science support. In contrast to previous years, we did not find one ‘big’ science project to support in 2012. This means we have more funds in the coffer this year to do something entirely unprecedented: We will likely be looking to support a project by not just doubling but *trebling* all donations received in support! Details will be published soon. 
In addition, we are still supporting micro-science initiatives in the $200-$500 range

º Articles & site development. We have plans to improve site content on two fronts: featured articles are being commissioned to address ‘hot topics’ and we are planning to create a supplement database. Thematically, we are especially interested in developing content on survival/prepping and business/investment. 
If you are a writer, web designer, programmer, artist, or know someone who could help us develop, please get in touch

º Local events & conferences. As a worldwide, internet based organization, we still recognize the special value in face-to-face meetings and the dynamism that these can generate. If you are planning to meet up with LongeCity members in your area, we can give a bit of support, e.g. for room hire, speaker’s travel, or simply sponsoring a round of drinks! Interested? Contact the Membership Secretary

º "Overspend": During the next few 12 months LongeCity aims to spend more money than we expect to take in via donations and sponsorship. This means a reduction in financial reserves that we have build up over the years. However, the planned expense remains within prudential limits defined by our constitution: we plan to lose money by investing it for the mission but not more than 30% of our current assets. 
The budget incorporates conservative projections about expected revenue during 2013. We will need to meet or exceed these targets to spend the budget as planned and monitor and revise accordingly.
This shows that an annual budget, while a guideline and strategic signpost, remains a flexible reference point. As always, our members - your- support, ideas and feedback will be decisive in how we pursue the common mission in 2013 and beyond. 

>> Discuss the 2013 budget here (Members only)

Cryonics News  
While we celebrate the honorary membership of Fred 'boundlesslife' Chamberlain, we are also supporting,  LongeCity, in collaboration with the Venturists,  the urgent cryonics support case of ALS sufferer Aaron Winborn. Aaron, whose condition is steadily deteriorating now uses an eye tracking device, but still makes an effort to communicate with the community.
As a community, we may not be able to fund the full costs of a cryonics suspension, but we can at least set a sign of passion and compassion, a sign of support for others and for the common cause. 

>> Further information & donate link


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