LongeCity Newsletter 
May 2014  

Forum software upgrade 

Some changes in the forum design are currently underway. Sections have been merged and re-organised. and other changes are afoot. Rather surprisingly unrelated are some technical issues regarding website connectivity we have been grappling with recently, but we hope to have a handle on these soon.  
Two of the new features being trialed include:    

Keywords Trial 

You will be seeing the appearance of underlined 'key'-words across the forum : this is part of a current trial for a information resource, where forum information is annotated collaboratively.  Members can add and edit these keywords, and feed back here

'Rate my stack' -- in development 

'Stack' are custom combinations of nutritional supplements for optimal effect. For many years LongeCity users have discussed and compared different stacks. In fact, the community sourced multivitamin' 'Vimmortal' can be seen as one such project. To improve the tools available to the community for this purpose,  LongeCity is partnering with a veteran developer Michael John, the owner of DevFuse.com  to create a new module in which members can submit different 'stacks' for discussion. A very early version of this interface can already be looked at, and everyone is invited to send comments and suggestions

An interview with Infernity - the aspiring musician joined LongeCity over 9 years ago when she still a very young teenager - she was sharing her songs and lyrics with the community back then and has recently released her first single.  listen here

Monthly forum feature: Blogs  

Any full Member can start their own blog at LongeCity - but did you know you can also 'link' remote blogs?
8 facts you might not know about blogging at LongeCity.     



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