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July 2014  

Adopt a Forum

Under this variant of the guest editor scheme, members are invited to help inject some zest and quality into specific forum sections. Some of the forum 'districts' of our LongeCity are more lively than others. The busiest places don't require adoption, but we are hoping to expand support some of the less busy areas.

Members can apply to become 'Mayor' of any forum in the 'science and technology' and 'round table discussion' regions or for any language forum with an agenda of improving content in that forum.
- the mayor will be moderator for the chosen forum unless that is deemed unnecessary or problematic
- the mayor is able to draw on guest editor funds (up to $500) to create incentives or commission high-impact contributions
- unlike normal 'guest editors' the duration is for 4 months. At the end of the period, members are polled on how the forum has improved. Leadership will decide on any awards 
To apply, state your plans for your chosen forum here.    

Cryonics Hardship Fund        
Cryonics is a method of 'medical time travel' - placing the body in biostasis after legal death with the hope that future technology will be invented which can revive the body. Cryonics prices vary (an overview can be found on this page) but it is affordable to nearly everyone via life insurance- nearly everyone. A few people who really want cryonics cannot get life insurance. In the past, our community  looking out for those who share our common dream in unlimited lifespans, in the shadow of imminent death and despair.
However, careful analysis and due diligence is therefore required, looking into the circumstances of each individual case.
The LongeCity cryonics hardship fund has two purposes:
1) To support a (volunteer based) infrastructure for maintaining the scheme and exercising due diligence 
2) When a hardship case has been endorsed by LongeCity, we will use the hardship fund to help to fundraise for that individual by matching further donations. 
Applicants must co-operate fully with LongeCity appointed auditors  to establish that they are genuinely unable to fund their cryosuspension and help to fundraise for their cause and help raise public awareness for cryonics.
See here for more information.    

Quick Updates on Recent News     
Nuanced post feedback: this feature has now been implemented -- feedback here    
'Stacks': this feature has now been implemented -- feedback here   
Scientific internships: first report here (Members) 
C60 research fundraiser: last chance for comments here (Members)      

Monthly Forum Feature: 'Amazon'    
How often do you buy things from the popular online retailer Amazon? LongeCity has long had an 'affiliate' account -- at the time we set this up, we were mainly thinking about using this to highlight books that are relevant to our mission. E-book readers had not yet been invented and Amazon wasn't the vast online marketplace it has since become. We might modernise our 'affiliate store' going forward, but even now everyone can use it to do their normal shopping at amazon and support LongeCity- with no cost whatsoever to yourself.   Check out our amazon affiliate account here.       


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