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February  2015  

Year of the Sheep?
The January newsletter closed with the call for new ideas and idealists. On the website, the icon for this item was firework rocket. A month on, the lunar and Chinese New Year has started. The year of the sheep. Under the LongeCity constitution our new year for planning purposes starts in April, prefaced by a period of leadership and budget discussions in march. So this makes the above call even more urgent than it was last month. Rather than sheep, LongeCity needs cheerful fireworks and sensible shepherds. 

Priorities for 2015 
As part of the above Members are asked to suggest projects and priorities for LongeCity. In this context,  (from a personal perspective rather than strictly from the Chair) I have drafted a first general strategy position in the Members section

Book sharing  
While sharing information efficiently through the world wide web has always been at the core of LongeCity, we also appreciate the continuing power and appeal of hardcopy books. In order to spread not just 'the word' but also serious scholarship about life extension LongeCity is considering a 'book drop' programme during which relevant books are donated to libraries and other outlets across the world. Lead by Dr. Ilia Stambler, we hope that this may also help to launch other 'literary' initiatives such as reading circles and and new books review programme. More info here

of 8 things 
8 things...   almost the opposite of books, the internet has seen the steady proliferation of short and snappy 'list-based' information.  These can be superficial such as "the top ten worst dressed celebrities" but it cannot be denied that lists can be a fun way of engaging with a topic and just by their title are really good at catching a reader's attention. LongeCity is looking for a few such short 'lists'. Contribute here.  


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