LongeCity Newsletter 
March 2015  

Drafting the 2015 Budget 
March is the constitutional 'budget month' at LongeCity. As part of this process, we will review expenses and revenues last year, discuss which core activities we can maintain and what new initiative might be possible and by the end of March we will have agreed a draft budget for the next 12 months.  In this context we are considering the responses to the current public call for new ideas and idealists and the internal strategy discussion. While ideas can be shared all-year around in the projects forum the next few days are the best opportunity to suggest an initiative that LongeCity might incorporate into its spending plans this year. 

8 reasons to connect with 'the public'   
In connection with this discussion about strategic priorities and in response to our recent call for "Lists of 8 things" new Member Sanhar has suggested a few reasons as to why 'public outreach' benefits the LongeCity mission in this list.    

Pic of the week/month 
One very effective way to make such public connections is visual:  since LongeCity ran its last art contest, image sharing websites has gained further popularity. To use these outlets as an addition platform for our mission, we are thinking about collating-life-extension relevant images for sharing at regular intervals. Interested in contributing?  

Recent podcasts interviews: Maria Konovalenko & Johnny Adams     
Two opinion personalities who try to cover both life extension research as well as advocacy recently joined Mind of Longecity for his regular interview show: 
Maria Konovalenko, rejuvenation researcher and vice President at the Science for Life Extension Foundation, talks about the development of the life extension movement and the "Longevity Cookbook"  
Johnny Adams, researcher and head of the Gerontology Research Group talk about methods and substances to combat aging, and shares thoughts on media outreach.
Suggest future guests here.                                   


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