LongeCity Newsletter 
September 2015  

Commission: Short Intro Video 
Although focused on its mission to conquer the blight of involuntary death, LongeCity has always presented a rather heterogeneous, slightly sprawling first impression. It is correct to say that we aim to lift a broad umbrella, and are less focused on any particular topics or approaches (compared to some like-minded organisations such as SENSF which focuses on aging). Moreover, our user- and community-led, approach and the range of options to contribute and retrieve information on the site can be a bit daunting. 
In this context, we are working to improve our 'intro' page offering, and are thinking about enhancing that intro with a short video. The initial budget for this would be ca. $800. 
If you are interested to contribute please contact us.  

Step up and lead 
The above commission is just one example of how easy it can be to make a real difference at LongeCity and help to advance the common cause. Some of the other things we are looking to recruit for are listed in the commissions forum
By joining the ranks of LongeCity leadership, you could  follow the footsteps of many 'bright young things' active in the in life extension scene today - looks and feels good on the resume. 
If you are interested, but a bit unsure about what role would be a good fit for you, could could join us for an informal chat at the online leadership meetup

Lead Navigator: Peter 
Peter (YOLF) is among those getting more involved with LongeCity. Many users may have encountered Peter as LongeCity Assistant  Membership Secretary. He has now been appointed to the Officer position of Lead Navigator -coordinating the moderation of the LongeCity forums. With his help, we hope to further improve the culture and quality of the forums. 
Incidentally, assisting with forum moderation is one of the easiest entry points for helping to direct LongeCity. From moderating your own topics to 'deputizing' as a moderator to adopting a sub-forum there are many possibilities for increasing the quality and impact of our community platform.  

Podcast: Zoltan Istvan 
Those who are not quite ready to join LongeCity leadership might want to set their sights just a tiny bit lower and run for US president. In our regular podcast LongeCity's Mind interviews the prolific transhumanist and US presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan  Listen here 


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