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March  2017  
Its that time of the year again at LongeCity where we review finances and establish plans for the road ahead. Members are invited to share their thoughts in the Immortality Institute forums, but all others are also able to contribute, perhaps most especially in the context of the following themes: 
fundraiser success!
The CellAge Fundraiser with the help of LongeCity, the many donors large and small and some external contributors not listed on the donors list, the overall fundraiser has now been closed with resounding success! We will keep an eye on how the research progresses -with a particular interest in the LongeCity-sponsored sub-goal and keep the community informed. 
This project has also been useful in considering potential broader collaborations between LongeCity and lifespan.io and the LongeCity
certification scheme for life extension fundraisers  This will be considered during our current planning round.  Thought?
affiliate lab review
The support for the fundraiser was bolstered by synergy with our affiliate lab programme. Launched last year, these selected labs are led by a scientist with strong ties to the Longecity community and a proven track record of commitment to scientific inquiry directly relevant to the Longecity mission. This important programme is currently under planning review - thoughts?   
interview with Aschwin deWolf: Cryonics!
He is not  (yet) part of the Affiliate Lab scheme, longtime community stalwart, Aschwin de Wolf, leads trailblazing research into as CEO of Advanced Neural Biosciences, a neural cryobiology research company. In a recent interview with LongeCity's Sven Bulterijs, he shared insights into scientific developments in cryonics. Interview 
fundraiser success!
The above was an correspondence interview, but the famous LongeCity interview podcast is set to return after the current brief hiatus. Past guest have included thought leaders, scientists, authors, polticians and other notables from across the life extension hemisphere. Now would is a good time to share suggestions about future interviewees.   

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