LongeCity Newsletter
June 2017

forum section changes 
There are different ways that people navigate LongeCity. Some use the google site search, some the 'recent topics' function, some subscribe to specific threads, some go by 'tags'.
Still, our forums are organised into sections and sub-forums by thematic areas -- and over the coming days and weeks there will be some small changes to the structure.
If you cannot find something, use one of the above search functions.  If you have any suggestions regarding forum structure, please
share them in this thread.    

best regimen competition 
This, our forum structure at the heart of LongeCity works well in facilitating a free flow of communication and information exchange. Other more structured ways of curating information have their own advantages, but their adoption by our userbase appears to be more difficult.
In 2014 we closed the 'regimen' forums for brain enhancement and general supplements in favour of a new 'stacks' function aiming to jointly create a crow-sourced searchable database of combinations as an easily accessible resource. It took some time for the new feature to gain traction. In some areas this worked ok, in others we still don't have any entries.  
To further promote the feature we are launching a  
"best regimen" competition.    

podcast: Interview with Mondey
Dr. Stolzing leads affiliate Labs in the UK and Germany. In addition to the interview, she recently  shared in a blog post the brand-new peer reviewed articles she published which were based on community funding raised at LongeCity.      

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