LongeCity Newsletter
July 2017

fundraiser: AgeMeter
A new fundraiser has been launched on the lifespan.io platform, aiming at developing a diagnostic system to measure human functional age in comparison to chronological age, and assist in the assessment of anti-aging therapeutics. 
LongeCity has reviewed the project under the Community Fundraiser Programme, and endorses it as a reputable initiative in line with its mission.
We have begun a ⇒ members consultation regarding ways that we can support this project further.  

Geroprotector Review: Rapamycin and other mTOR inhibitors 
Sven Bulterijs continues his discussion of prominent compounds with potential life extension efficacy by looking not just at rapamycin but also at its target, the mTOR pathway, which has likely a key role in mediating lifespan.  
read the article at 'Sven's Science Corner'.      

REMINDER: LongeCity is currently running a 'best regimen' competition.    

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