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August 2017

fundraiser! AgeMeter for our researchers 
The current AgeMeter, crowdfunding campaign highlights the need for tools to measure biological age quickly and reliably. LongeCity is seeking to support the campaign as well as the LongeCity Affiliate Labs, a network of young researchers trailblazing life extension science. The plan is to raise funds collectively as LongeCity to make an institutional pledge to procure a research version of the AgeMeter Biomarker device that can be shared between the LongeCity Affiliate labs for maximum benefit.  
⇒ read more about the initiative here!

Article! Aging theories 
by looking at some historic and current theories Vit Zemanek asks "Is there a unifying factor in aging?  ⇒read the article here   
! Longevity Promotion- Multidisciplinary Perspectives 
In his new book, LongeCity Moderator Ilia Stambler considers the multidisciplinary aspects of longevity promotion, from the advocacy, historical, philosophical and scientific perspectives. 
Members wishing to receive a discounted hardcopy ⇒please post here
Only a few days remaining for our 
'best regimen' competition.    

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