LongeCity Newsletter
October 2017

MouseAge fundraiser incentive
To tackle a feasibility concern of an otherwise promising project, LongeCity has offered an incentive support for the MouseAge crowdfunding campaign. 
can contribute to making this and other community fundraisers benefit from external peer review!  ⇒ more info here

mice are not the only test subjects of interest:   

Winners: Regimen competition 

Members have selected the winners for our
⇒'best regimen' competition

the end of the competition has prompted a new initiative: 

support for self-testing
Since our founding, our site has attracted individuals who are impatient for the state of medical consensus to advance and are experimenting with supplements, techniques and experimental compounds.  This has many pitfalls and some aspects that are worth celebrating. LongeCity as an organisiation does not in any way encourage or promote self-experimentation, nor do we condemn and suppress evidence of it. We do however, wish that some ‘self experiments’ were more responsibly planned, conducted, and reported with a view towards generating the most reliable dataset possible. 
We have therefore set aside some potential funding to complement experiments that could be of interest to the LongeCity community  ⇒more about the the new scheme    

of interest to all those who use such supplements: 

Interview: Neil Thanedar  

the founder of Labdoor.com a supplement testing and review site listen & discuss  

and another interview, back to work in the lab: 

Interview: Jacob Montalvan  

after a summer internship at Ichor Therapeutics, a LongeCity Affiliate Lab Jacob talks about his work and experience there and shares the story of how he was introduced to life extension and rejuvenation. listen & discuss

we are currently looking into other ways that we can support the great work at our Affiliate Labs and further strengthen their community ties. Stay tuned for announcements, support the initiative and contact us with any suggestions.    

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