LongeCity Newsletter
January  2018

2018 A year with an 'immortality 8' gives hope for great things ahead. And it starts in style! As Dr.Aubrey de Grey explained in a recent interview with LongeCity, the year-end fundraiser for SENSF we promoted in the last newsletter yielded an unprecedented result from cryptocurrency donations- proof that our community always benefits from exploring cutting edge developments.

Few have demonstrated this as well as David Gobel, who consistently demonstrated his aptitude for identifying innovative approaches to the mission, be it with the game-changing  Methuselah Prize, or his stalwart support for research and development  initiatives including some proposed on LongeCity. In an upcoming interview, David will help us identify new strategic perspectives to foster our mission in 2018. 

To celebrate 2018, we have temporarily swapped the LongeCity Logo with its '8' mathematical symbol for infinity with the nifty motivational pic above, which also links to a new and fuller description of what LongeCity is about.   

The text references our support for life extension science via the 'affiliate labs' programme and in upcoming interviews the newest lab leaders joining the scheme Kristen Fortney (BioAgeLabs) and  James Clement (Betterhumans) will discuss their research agenda for 2018. 

2018. Shouldn't one be skeptical about superstitions based on numbers? Healthy skepticism about unfounded beliefs is another common theme in our community. An upcoming interview with Dr. Michael Shermer, best-selling author and publisher of Skeptic Magazine will explore this link.    

So: 2018 kicks of in true LongeCity style: with lots of learned, insightful, inspiring conversations. As you know, these can be found throughout our forums and YOU are warmly invited to take part -- throughout 2018 and way, way beyond!           

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