LongeCity Newsletter
February  2018
Members consultation on 2018 budget plans
LongeCity now commences its 'planning phase' for its annual budget to be concluded within the fortnight for ratification by  the end of March. 
All Immortality Institute members are urged to post suggestions in this ⇒ internal topic
 You can also follow ⇒Mind's example ("Community Testing of Aging Bio-Markers") and discuss the idea in the ⇒projects forum first. 

Do you have a great idea that you would like LongeCity to get behind? NOW is the time to speak up. If a project is lead by someone from within our community it stands a good chance of attracting at least some support. Now is the time of maximum budget flexibility for us.      
Article: Antioxidants - relevant for life extension?

Vit Zemanek presents a brief introduction into a complex and controversial topic in life extension science. For decades, anti-oxidants were almost synonymous with anti-aging. Current evidence suggests that the picture is more complex  ⇒read the article

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