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April 2018

this one is a bit longer after a break last month mainly due to us being busy with the...
2018 budget plans

following our usual open consultation and planning round, LongeCity has ⇒published (for Immortality Institute members) ambitious spending plans for the coming year. 
Apart from continued support for the Affiliate Labs programme, another notable feature is the expansion of last years 'self testing support' fund: 

Members age test project 
we have set aside a budget specifically to support Immortality Institute Members in getting an aging-relevant test.
A major focus will be on epigenetic aging markers. Apart from learning more about your biological age perhaps together we'll find some interesting factors that impact aging. Enroll now! ⇒read the announcement.    

Privacy: SSL certificate & points to consider 
After struggling with various technical issues for a long time we finally achieved a more secure 'httpS' implementation across the entire page. A big "thank you!!" to our wonderful hosts at CANACA.com whose help was invaluable. There are still a few bugs and legacy issues to sort out. If you notice anything broken or unusual, please let us know in the ⇒issues sub-forum 

I wanted to mention on this occasion, and in light of recent privacy news, that LongeCity aims to keep all personal data secure and I listed a few privacy points to consider.   

Longecity podcast now available on more platforms
Our long-running podcast is now available through a new interface and on external platforms like itunes. We aim to make more shows from the archive available on more platforms in the future. And our most recent episode... 

podcast: interview with Liz Parrish

Mind interviews the controversial 'patient zero' and CEO of  BioViva.
 ⇒listen and discuss

Article: The 'aging program'- a treatable common factor?
Theodore C. Goldsmith picks up from a recent Longecity article on aging theories and presents a case for a 'programmed aging' perspective. ⇒read the article.

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