LongeCity Newsletter
June  2018

Community Biomarker Tests

LongeCity.org has long been a hotbed of information exchange and discussion about various methods of slowing or reversing the process of aging. An incredible number of supplements have been tried, exercise routines employed, and eating patterns explored.

Is it any of it working? Have LongeCity members succeeded in slowing aging and remaining healthier than their contemporaries?
Precious few people maintain a regular schedule of objective testing for health and aging biomarkers. Even fewer make those results public. LongeCity aims to change this state of affairs. 

In order to foster a ‘citizen scientist’ culture of objective self-monitoring and knowledge sharing LongeCity is supporting all Immortality Institute Members in procuring tests for next-generation biological age markers: https://www.longecity.org/biomarks/

podcast: interview with Steve Perry
Steve is an active member at LongeCity perhaps best known for a long running thread regarding his experiments with GDF11.
 ⇒listen and discuss

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