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May 2011


Message from the Chairman:

This newsletter is all about scientific research and its funding. Last newsletter, I told you about our science initiative -
this effort to join up the various science and research strands at LongeCity is so important that I have included a reminder in case anyone missed it.
By now, very few readers will need reminding about our fundraiser for research into Microglia Stem Cells, on which
there are some new developments.
While we hope to get this fundraiser wrapped up very soon, it is important not to loose sight of previously funded projects - consequently, the first ever LongeCity podcast brings you an update on the first ever community research fundraiser. 
It is also important to remain alert to new opportunities to promote life extension research, big or small.  As an example, take the 'wrapping' contest  by a Mexican Restaurant chain that community member Kelsey has stumbled upon. I think that's a great prompt to all of us: as we go through life, the challenge is to keep an agile mind to seize opportunities to preserve it.



LongeCity broadcast reloaded

We have decided to broaden the ways that you can get info from LongeCity by adding a podcast.  Recordings of Mind's LongeCity chat show will be made available for you to listen to at your leisure. 
The first podcast is now available: It features an interview and overview of LongeCity's first ever community science research fundraiser: the Laser Ablation of the age-pigment Lipofuscin studies by Nason Schooler.
Also have a look at our Videos page for accompanying content.

>> Listen here

If you have any suggestions for guests and topics for future podcasts please share them here.

Support Kelsey Moody's bid to win money for research!

Kelsey Moody (kmoody), a long-standing community member has entered a competition by a Mexican Restaurant Chain to "Wrap What You Love" in gold foil. If he wins, he pledges that 100% of winnings will be used to support material costs (not salaries) of projects related to aging and age-related disease. Today marks the last day of the first round. If he gets further, Kelsey will need our support and we'll be cheering him on!

Why are we highlighting such initiatives? Its not that we think these are the key to getting funding, (or even that we stand a terrific chance of success here), but for different reasons: 
    Firstly, these initiatives require a minimum of effort from contributors: a registration and a few clicks. You may take this as a bad thing: encouraging complacency and the notion that 'it doesn't take much'. But consider how projects like this are great to 'bring in the bystanders'. People who are sympathetic but may not have lifted a finger for our common cause before, are slowly getting into the habit with these easy-to-do actions.
    Secondly, this is a great illustration of someone being 'switched on' and creative regarding opportunities to advance our mission. I imagine Kelsey went to buy a burrito, saw the competition advert and was inspired to not let it pass but to try to turn it to something useful. An initiative and example like this reminds everyone to keep their eyes open for those everyday opportunities, to share them on LongeCity and beyond.

>> Kelsey's entry


Microglia Stem Cell Funding News

For many months we have been raising money for LongeCity's most ambitious research project yet:
'The Microglia Stem Cell project' to investigate a novel potential treatment for combating neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's to be conducted in Mondey's lab.  

Invigorating donation thankfully received

For a couple of weeks, the fundraiser seemed to be languishing, with little progress. Then we received a generous donation $1000 from Matthew Tagg (matt79) the CEO of WebAfrica and a LongeCity Member since December 2010. Matt had recently started a thoughtful and interesting discussion in the internal Immortality Institute forum in which he is questioning whether and when we should be accepting sponsorship from commercial entities. (Members, feel fee to chime on on that topic!). With his donation, Matt has put 'his money where his mouth is' in support of more community-sourced founding.
This donation (coupled with previous generous contributions by P.Amoroso (n25philly), D.Kekich (kekich) and many, many others) has re-invigorated the fundraiser to the extent that we are now very optimistic about achieving the goal. Maybe you'd like to join this initiative to make it happen!

Strapped for cash? Donate your LongeCity points!

If YOU want to contribute more to the effort, but really don't have a dime to spare, you might want to consider the following option: all forum users and volunteers are enrolled in a ‘Thank You’ point scheme which rewards good contributions. 'Thank You' or '₮' points are handed out as a gesture of appreciation and can be converted at our 'virtual store' for fun items or some small prizes - including free membership, gift vouchers, or even seed capital to start your own matching fundraiser.
You can now donate these points to our Treasurer and they will be converted into research at a rate of ₮10=$1 - and that's subject to the standard matching, so for a limited time only, every 10 Thank You points are worth $2 in this context!

>> Project Page


Science initiative!

As a reminder, LongeCity plans to consolidate and improve its science support and information activities.
We want construct a better approach to tap into the bright scientific minds in the community and use that expertise for initiatives like:

-- more grants for innovative science and better monitoring of existing projects
-- create a database of expertise, so that we can help to foster collaboration and support networks
-- offer friendly peer review from business plans to grant proposals, draft papers, coursework
-- better ways of highlighting new info on funding and scientific breakthroughs 
-- sharing information from electronic subscriptions to laboratory protocols
-- careers: Linking project students with supervisors, job opportunities

The initiative is open to scientists, students, and recognised experts.  If you are interested in contributing in any way, >> please add your name here (tick 'yes' if this applies to you).
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