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March 2012    

We are delighted to have successfully raised all the required funds to support exciting research into cryopreservation. Thanks for your support with donations. Now you can help with new ideas for our 2012 budget,( with potential implications for monthly memberships)  by helping to ‘tag’ existing content, or by suggesting guests for our thriving podcast.


Cryo Research Fundraiser!

In the last newsletter, we were a bit concerned that we would not reach our target for donations to support cryopreservation research before our deadline. After a good start we were languishing at 30% of the goal achieved.
Then, the German Society for Applied Biostasis (DGAB.e.V) stepped up. This is a very small but extremely high-calibre society in Germany aiming to advance ‘biostasis’. With a lot of effort, DAGB members raised 2000 Euros to support this research.
This donation suddenly made the goal seem achievable again and further donations rolled in. Thanks go to very generous contributions from ScienceGuy, Mind, and many others and helped by an initiative where Members converted they LongeCity ‘Thank You points’ into cash, we managed to meet the deadline.
In accordance with our pledge, LongeCity will not only match the whole $6000 that have been donated, to support research into cryoprotectant toxicity by Joao Pedro de Magalhaes at the University of Liverpool but also support the runner-up project proposed by Ben Best, Aschwin & Chana deWolf to study the effect of blood washout in a small animal model, with a seed funding contribution of $1500!  
Thanks again to all who donated and spread the word!

Keep an eye out on our 'Community Science' forum for updates on research progress. 

2012 Budget

March is ‘budget month’ at LongeCity. By Mid-March the Treasurer will suggest how we were faring last year, and by the end of March the Board will have agreed a draft budget for the next 12 months. The budget aims to select which core activities we can maintain and to anticipate new initiatives.
In this context, please note the way we deal with project suggestions: Ideas are discussed in the ‘ideas’ section and can be turned into a full project proposal. You can propose projects at any time, but if you present a good plan within the next few days, you stand a particulary good chance that your idea will be factored into the 2012 budget. 

Finance reports (Immortality Institute Members only)

Monthly Membership in question

We are once again considering cancelling the monthly membership option. There was always a slight risk of abuse with that system, e.g. people joining just for elections and to get a specific benefit.
More importantly, we would like to move to a better register of members, making sure that we know about members interests and skills where this information is shared. Such a system is only possible with annual memberships. Members who have any thoughts on this matter please share them in the Immortality Institute section

Help to 'tag' content.

Content at LongeCity is dynamic, with new and active discussions being more visible than others. Last year, we introduced a new 'tag' system' to facilitate contextualising topics into themes.
Now, for a limited time only, every registered user 'over 21' (with more than 21 forum posts) can add new 'tags' to existing forum posts including those topics stared by other users. All users are invited to use this option to make sure that valuable content is not forgotten about and to make navigating the forums more informative and fun. 

Recent Podcasts

Mind's guests on 'LongeCity now' last month:

º Mark Sisson on 'Primal Living' and nutrition
º Michael Trice on the science of social networks

Do you have suggestions about future guests or questions to scheduled guests?
Visit the broadcast forum!

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