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June 2014  

Peer review 
LongeCity has a 'Crowdfunding' support scheme newly configured this year. 
Currently under open peer review for support under this scheme is a proposal for "Assessing the effects of c60oo on human cancer proliferation in vivo" led by life-extension trailblazer Kelsey Moody. It is interesting that he turns his attention to the potential health effects of 'buckyballs' - a topic that has received significant attention on LongeCity. 
Over the next two weeks we will be collating peer review, challenges, questions and clarifications and in the end assign a 'start rating' to the project. The team will then initiate its fundraiser and LongeCity will match donation up to an amount indicated by the star rating.        
See the draft research proposal here (Members only).       

Research update: Mitochondrial Gene Therapy   
Dr. Matthew 'Oki' O'Connor the Principal Investigator has provided  an interim report on his  LongeCity crowd-funded project. 
The update concludes: "In summary, I don't know if its the money, the intellectual and moral support that you wonderful people have given us, or just plain good luck, but these past few months have definitely been the most productive since I joined SENS Foundation. Thank you all so much and I look forward to checking in with you again in a few months". 
See the report and interim data here (Members only).    

Consultation on new forum features 
There is still time to offer feedback on new technical features that could change the way of interacting at LongeCity. The new 'stacks' module is aimed at the large supplement-conscious constituency at LongeCity you arte constantly devising new combinations of supplements to live healthier or more productive lives.
The new rating feature aims at providing all users with a more nuanced way of responding to content with a single click than just a like/dislike option.          
Feedback on 'Stacks' feature 

Feedback on content rating feature 

Monthly forum feature: 'introductions'  

LongeCity has been around since 2002 and we have always welcomed new users and Members to introduce themselves to the community. Recently however, we have made this step mandatory for new users. This is mainly a measure to bar entry to spammers, but it is also a nice way of keeping abreast of who is new, and to get some background on a member. Introductions forum.    



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