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March  2017 
LongeCity Plans for 2017/18
The annual budget-setting round has concluded. In review, we have had a strong year from a budget perspective:  we managed to spend more than in any previous year on science support, through our affiliate labs scheme and by supporting fundraisers. Income was as conservatively expected, and even with the strong spending this year we still made a surplus. We expect this to change in the future as we project a decline in advertising revenue and a strong spending agenda aimed at depleting some of LongeCity's unnecessary reserves. To achieve this, we plan to continue the science support model in 2017/2018 with a focus on Affiliate Labs and fundraiser certification. Some funds have been reserved for management, content and technical development, including some support for guest articles and editors. ⇒ Full budget details (Members section).
Caliban's thoughts on LongeCity
The budget seemed  a good prompt to discuss the strategic outlook that shapes it and will inform its administration - and share and overall perspective on our little org. This perspective is not new but it has been some time since it was articulated separately. It is also not official policy, but instead a personal outlook, perhaps clarifying, stimulating or controversial  ⇒ what LongeCity is and what it is not in 8 points
We are thinking about discussing this perspective in the LongeCity interview podcast soon (⇒ placeholder topic here). 
While the podcast is still lining up guest for 2017 (⇒ share your suggestion) we are again ⇒ looking for a producer
to help schedule guests and provide background material. 
articles in the making: metformin, nootropics & more 
As with out podcast programme, we hope to continue or articles series. In development are an overhaul of Sven's visionary 2011 article on metformin as a potential life extension drug, a new overview article on clinical evidence for the ever-popular "nootropics". Stay tune for these and other publications. We are always looking for new writers.   

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