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May  2017 
upcoming podcast interviews at LongeCity:

M.Matjusaitis. Following last year's fundraiser in support of a CellAge project which LongeCity certified and supported, Mind talks to Mantas Matjusaitis who leads the endeavor and CellAge.
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A.Stolzing. Following our re-affirmation of the LongeCity Affiliate Labs Programme We hope to feature interviews with all lab leaders this year. First up is Alexandra Stolzing who is scientific advisor to the afiorementioned CellAge and leads LongeCity affiliate labs in the UK and Germany.
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Caliban. Following last months ⇒ budget (Members) and my ⇒ thoughts on LongeCity we are thinking about discussing a perspective on LongeCity once the schedule clears a bit.  (⇒ placeholder link)

Speaking of schedules: we are continuing our ⇒ search for a producer to help schedule guests and provide background material.

Article: Metformin a geroprotector 
Sven Bulterijs first discussed the potential utility of anti-diabetic substance metformin six years ago on LongeCity. Now Sven returns to the topic with a comprehensive and thoughtful discussion of the recent findings and further background information    
⇒ read the article at 'Svens Science Corner'     

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