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September 2017

last few days! AgeMeter for our researchers 
The current AgeMeter, crowdfunding campaign has been extended for a few days to see if we can raise funds to procure a research version of the AgeMeter Biomarker device that can be shared between the LongeCity Affiliate labs for maximum benefit.  
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Interview: Kevin Perrot
One of the researchers who could use the AgeMeter for his interesting and ambitious plans is our former Director Kevin now researcher at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and active an many other initiatives. He shares his plans and insights with LongeCity in a recent interview podcast.  

Regimen competition shortlist
The shortlist for our 
'best regimen' competition has been established. 
Until Oct 4th Immorality Institute Members can help to
select the winners 

Article: nootropics 

so-called 'nootropics' were just one category of supplement regimens featuring in the contest, but these 'smart drugs' are perhaps particularly interesting, complicated, and  controversial. ⇒read the article   

Security update
To make our users data more secure, we are in the midst of converting more of the site to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. The process might take a while, please bear with us and ⇒
report any issues.       

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