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December 2017

  this is the traditional season for an appeal for donations. 
         We won't join in. 

(Well, we would be remiss in not mentioning at least the annual FightAging matched fundraiser in support of the SENS foundation co-organised by our Guardian Reason. )

One has to wonder: economic policies across much of the globe seem to have left a surfeit of money chasing returns. Prices of stocks and housing have risen steeply as a consequence. Yet investment into the most basic foundations -life and health- lags behind. In an age of political acrimony, of re-shaping of information and knowledge networks - are donors cynical about research? 

To counter this, in its own small way, LongeCity has developed three strategies for securing trust and accountability:  

(1) we don't do 'general' appeals for donations. Sure- for the site to exist, we rely on people to join us as members. But beyond that, all projects past and present are separated, vetted, explained and -if they gather enough support to get going- accompanied in an ongoing discourse. This year, we focused this on developing  connections with the great folks at lifespan.io, and their "CellAge", "AgeMeter", and "MouseAge" initiatives. 

(2) we aim to focus on research projects led by trusted peers, with proven expertise and a track-record of positive engagement with our community and mission. This programme has been quite effective in fostering links. At the close of 2017, we are particularly thrilled to welcome two new leaders and their labs:  
      James Clement of Betterhumans  and  Kristen Fortney of BioAgeLabs
More on these and the development of the initiative in the next newsletter.    
(3) we provide an open platform for discussion. Moderation is very light-touch which, unfortunately, often means that information is not as well condensed and presented as it could be - but this slightly anarchic approach also promotes a multitude of perspectives and critical engagement. Occasionally, there are specific content initiatives, such as the '
2017 regimen competition' and of course our ongoing features for articles and interviews which really went from strength to strength this year. 

These three strategies have served us well in 2017. Thus no traditional appeal for donations at this time but at least a traditional (if ultra-brief) look back at the outgoing year. 
The years ARE ticking away though! If, after all the festivities you find yourself with some resources  - time, money, ideas - left to invest into the conquest of death, we'd love to hear from you, and make you part of the plans for a great 2018.    

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