LongeCity Newsletter
March  2019
!! LongeCity Budget 2019 !!
Once per year we are inviting Immortality Institute Members to help develop our spending plans. This year, we are considering entirely new ways of deciding on funding.  Strong priority will be on Members feedback, but non-Members can also ⇒comment

New quizzes 

Regular contributor Victor Bjoerk has drafted a trio of excellent -and fun- quizzes on 
⇒Aging Science; ⇒Demographics of Longevity; ⇒Business of Longevity

New Article 
Gennady Stolyarov II introduces ⇒the Marquis de Condorcet, a life extension pioneer who developed early 'transhumanist' ideas during the time of the French Revolution.  

New podcast interviews 

Brian M. Delaney
, president of the Calorie Restriction Society International, talks about longevity diets and advancing life extension science. listen & discuss 

- Hal Malchow
, author and political consultant discusses the political and regulatory issues in life extension drug development. listen & discuss 

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