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April 2015  

2015 budget ratified
The 2015 budget (Members section) continues the reliance on responsive funding mode from last year: There are very few top-down 'predefined' spending items. Instead, there are different categories for enabling community initiatives. Roughly, these fall into three schemes: 
(1) 'Fundraiser certification': under which LongeCity supports and sometimes 'matches' community fundraisers. Some long-term fundraisers include a budget for the cryonics hardship fund
(2) 'Guest Editors': has been focused on the 'adopt a forum' scheme. To further improve content on the page, we have increased the reward under the call for articles there are also separate funds set aside for certain initiatives including a more seamless 'intro' to LongeCity and IT support and development. 
(3) 'Small Grants': includes all kinds of support, including for local meetings which also has its own extra budget. Also, every LongeCity Member has now the tools to issue their own 'small grants' by using the new 'Experts' forum.    

The Budget also includes some 'upkeep' funding for administration including IT, fees and a financial audit, and the work of officers and other leaders (watch for some upcoming vacancies). LongeCity will continue to focus the bulk of its support practical scientific initiatives and some funding has been set aside specifically for improving its links with life extension labs across the world. Again, stay tuned for details soon. 

As usual, we will continue to review the progress and affordability of the budget throughout the year. This is an ongoing dialogue in leadership, in the internal members forum and at the community 'ideas' forum.    

The ambitions of the 2015 budget and the work of LongeCity in general would not be possible without the support the home provided by Canaca.com, the generous support of members, donors and volunteers, the careful placing of some advertising and also the support of a few far-sighted sponsors (more info here)

Sponsor: MitoQ.com     
This newsletter and some of the community work at LongeCity was supported by MitoQ.com.
It is widely held in life extension science that the mitochondria – the ‘power plants’ of our cells – can be key factors in the aging process. MitoQ is the first antioxidant molecule specifically designed to target mitochondria and decrease mitochondrial oxidative damage that has undergone clinical trials in humans.
To make MitoQ available to the life-extension pioneers at LongeCity, MitoQ.com provides a special discount code: for this introductory month only, the code is publicly available at their ‘sponsored thread’ here
Then, for the rest of the year, MitoQ.com plans to offer a continued discount code for our full members available via the Immortality Institute forum.

Podcast  Interview: Avi Roy 
Avi Roy of the UK based Biogerontology Research Foundation describes his entertaining journey into the world of life extension and shares a different perspective on how to combat aging. Listen here



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