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Posted by health1969 , 23 June 2009 · 4,062 views

I have a severe learning disability(ex.dyslexia), my verbal memory is severely compromised. It has made reading,writing, learning in general brutal, but not impossible. I did graduate from university many years ago. I've always followed new research and developments regarding new pharaceuticals and technologies regarding treatments for the brain. The most success I've had so far was with Cerebrolysin(nerve growth factor). It's sold by Ebewe pharaceuticals in Austria and has been on the market for some time outside of North America. I used it periodically over 8 months(intramuscular and I.V. treatment) and was estatic to get some permanent improvement in my verbal memory. I started to notice getting some improvement by the 9 day of treatment. It didn't cure my disability but it's a great relieve to finally get improvement with a disability that I had all my life. Nerve growth factor causes the nerve cells in the central and pher. nerve system to rewire.
It's a great drug to treat Alzheimer's, people with brain injuries and useful as a anti aging drug for the brain.

I've also known about Ampalex for about 15 years since it began it's clinical trials. It's still undergoing FDA clinical trials and I recently I made a purchase of
Ampalex from China. It product appears to be of good quality and find the most effective dosage to be 1200 mg. It's makes you more mentally sharp and elevates
your mood. Actually I'm more impressed with Cerebrolysin(NGF),mainly because I receive permanent improve from taking the drug. Ampalex also has a anti aging effect on the brain, it's assumed to help prevent nerve cell death in the brain.

If anyone is interested discussing NGF(treating learning disabilities, brain injuries or for anti aging) or interested in help with purchasing Ampalex you can
blog or send a email to page001575@hotmail.com
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