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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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LongeCity Small Grants

With the support of our Members and advertisers LongeCity is able to offer a limited number of small grants and financial prizes. 

The following types of projects can be supported:  

• Matching fundraiser: If you manage to raise funds on a mission-relevant topic, LongeCity may match the funds raised. (Click here for more information)

• Science support:  contribution to a scientific experiment that can be carried out in a short period of time with limited resources. The experiment should be distinguishable from the research that is already funded by other sources. This could be a side-experiment in an existing programme, a pilot experiment to establish feasibility, or resources for an undergrad or high-school student.          

• Chapters support: organising a local meetings. LongeCity could contribute to the room hire, the expenses of inviting a guest speaker or even the bar tab.   

• Travel support: attendance at conferences, science fairs etc where you are presenting on a topic relevant to LongeCity. Generally this will involve some promotion of the mission and/or a report on the then conference to be shared with our Members

• Grant writing: Bring together a team of scientists and help them write a successful grant application to a public or private funding body. Depending on the project, the award will be a success premium or sometimes can cover the costs of grant preparation itself.
• Outreach: Support for a specific initiative raising public awareness of the mission or of a topic relevant to our mission. This could be a local event, a specific, organised direct marketing initiative or a media feature. 
• Articles:  Write a featured article for the LongeCity website on a topic of interest to our members or visitors. We are mainly looking for articles on scientific topics, but well-researched contributions on a relevant topic in policy, law, or philosophy are also welcome. For more info see here

The small grants scheme includes 'micro grants' - up to $180 and 'small grants' - up to $500. 
(Grant applications exceeding $500 would usually be expected to be 'matching fundraisers' discussed above.)

Decisions as part of the small grants programme are usually pretty quick and straightforward. However please contact us with a proposal ahead of time - we will not consider applications where the expenditure has already been incurred!
Proposals can be as short or elaborate as necessary, but normally should be about half a page long.

Only LongeCity Members can apply, but any Member is free to apply on behalf of someone else - thus, non-Members are welcome to find a Member to 'sponsor' their application.  

Apply using the contact form

You can use the ideas forum to discuss and prepare the proposal.


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