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  • Submitted: May 15 2017 08:41 AM
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Collagen Hydrolysate Experience

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gelatin collagen hydrolysate from pure protein


I have recently found this supplement and have been doing a bit of reading. 
See it here on Amazon.


Has anyone used this or something similar? 

Did you notice improvements in joints? Perhaps wound healing (from recent surgery)?


Lastly, do you think it would assist in tendon and ligament recovery? I am working extremely hard to improve flexibility and mobility.


Thanks in advance.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
gelatin, collagen hydrolysate, from pure protein 12 gram Daily anytime of day, post workout?

I've seen better results with other stuff. The trick with collagen is the source. Beef Collagen is usually type I and III and can be sourced from aged cows who might be in worse shape than you as marbled steak is preferred and comes from older cows. It also contains alot of lysine which can harm your kidney's in the long term. There are definitely better options that will prove to be more consistent.