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  • Submitted: Aug 23 2017 08:51 PM
  • Date Updated: Aug 23 2017 10:19 PM
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ʘ˩ʘ START > Supplement Intervention & Stack Production

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beta-analine enduraq (isoquerectin) niagen pterostilbene lutein apigenin carotenall d-lemonene vitamin d3 pumpkin seed oil flax seed oil blend fish oil pine bark extract l-glutathione bilberry extract hi-actives tart cherry galrlic extract / capsaicin ionized trace mineral (83) melatonin ip-6 inositol type 1 3 collagen


Time for a supplement intervention!



If you take supplements, at some point you may find you have too many supplements to manage and consume. Time for a supplement intervention!


How can you tell if you fit into this category? Well, if your kitchen cabinets start to resemble the store shelves below, you qualify! The reasons vary, but ultimately many people look to supplements to provide a sense of control and order in their life. And so the more the better. The hope is that active supplementation will improve overall health, and ultimately increase longevity. However tempting this idea is, it’s ultimately hard to prove it works. But the possibilities, ah the possibilities!


So how do you make good use of even a few dozen of the hundreds upon hundreds of supplements available that look useful towards goals of healthy longevity? I’ve tried to solve this dilemma by organizing and dispensing supplements different ways, many inspired by like minded posters on longecity.org.  The trouble is - most stacks are too troublesome to take long-term.


Is there a simple way to create and produce supplement stacks you want,  

with minimal effort and cost, but maximum ease of use and flexibility?  


I propose a system using the simple concept of divide, organize, and conquer. First, you determine a set of core EVERYDAY supplements, things to take regularly. This is the k.i.s.s. ‘must take daily’ category and may be TIME dispensed. This stack is outlined in the listing.


Second, you create optional FOCUS stacks of supplements. These are used selectively, typically not every day, although they may be. These are made to FOCUS on a health or performance issue, mental or physical.


Finally, I describe in detail and efficient and easy method of producing your own stack. By combining and encapsulating the ingredients yourself, and using the"Capsule / Mixture Calculator" I created (available to copy for your own use - link in the document) you'll easily measure out use just the right amounts for what you need.

Due to forum limitations with using pictures, please refer to this Google document, "Time for a supplement intervention!", for the remainder of this article which I have published online. Please refer to my additional ʘ˩ʘ FOCUS stack posts for ingredients details of other stacks mentioned in the article.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Beta-Analine 600 mg Daily Morning with meal
EnduraQ (isoQuerectin) 100 mg Daily Morning with meal
Niagen 250 mg Daily Morning with meal
Pterostilbene 50 mg Daily Morning with meal
Lutein 20 mg Daily Morning with meal
Apigenin 50 mg Daily Morning with meal
CarotenALL 34 mg Daily Morning with meal
D-Lemonene 1000 mg Daily Morning with meal
Vitamin D3 1000 IU Daily Morning with meal
Pumpkin Seed Oil 2000 mg Daily Morning 1 g w/meal & Evening 2 g w/meal
Flax Seed Oil Blend 1000 mg 3x daily Morning 1 g w/meal & Evening 2 g w/meal
Fish Oil 5 ml Daily Morning with meal
Pine Bark Extract 400 mg Daily Evening with meal
L-Glutathione 250 mg Daily Evening with meal
Bilberry Extract 325 Daily Evening with meal
Hi-Actives Tart Cherry 465 mg Daily Evening with meal
Galrlic Extract / Capsaicin 600 mg Daily Evening with meal
Ionized Trace Mineral (83) -- Daily With one meal of the day
Melatonin 1 mg Daily Before bed
IP-6 800 mg Daily Between meals
Inositol 220 mg Daily Between meals
Type 1,2,3 Collagen 5000 mg Daily Between meals