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  • Submitted: Mar 16 2015 03:16 PM
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Thymus Rejuvenation

* * * * -
trimagnesiumdicitrate zinc monohydrate fish oil l-carnitine l-arginine melatonin quercetin


This stack works in combination with a five day fast for increasing grhelin and growth hormone.

(adopted from http://lang-leben.xo...on-Program.html )

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
trimagnesiumdicitrate 250 mg -- four times daily
zinc monohydrate 50 twice daily No instructions provided.
fish oil 2 gram twice daily No instructions provided.
l-carnitine 2 gram twice daily No instructions provided.
l-arginine 2 gram twice daily No instructions provided.
melatonin 2 mg Daily 1h before sleep
quercetin 500 mg twice daily No instructions provided.

to start with digging in scientific background information, please take a look at:


isn't there a compound called thymosin that works on the thymus that seem to have gotten lost and forgotten due to FDA regulations etc. 


But I think this product here is the same product as thymosin only called thymucin:




I would appreciate if someone here could explain what the importance of the thymus is, I'm a bit clueless about it due to its obscurity. I think thymosin was considered an immune system "stimulant". I'll find the source of where I read about it once I have time. Chime in everyone...