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  • Submitted: Mar 20 2017 09:19 PM
  • Views: 48

Help with dosage and cycling. nsi-189/tianeptine/montelukast/noopept

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nsi189-phosphate-oral tianeptine-sodium-oral noopept montelukast


After a decade of depression and anxiety as well as head injuries, my previously remarkable cognitive abilities are heavily diminished, particularly my working memory. My hope for this stack is to improve cognitive function, reduce neural inflammation and mitigate anxiety. 

I am 26/m/160lb. I would really appreciate some input on determining the dosages and especially input on cycling for this stack.

I am thinking nsi-189(phosphate 20mg oral bid), tianeptine (sodium 12.5mg oral tid), montelukast(10mg), noopept(10mg)

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
nsi189-phosphate-oral 20 mg twice daily No instructions provided.
tianeptine-sodium-oral 12.5 mg 3x daily No instructions provided.
noopept 10 mg Daily No instructions provided.
montelukast 10 mg Daily No instructions provided.