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My modafinil review

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#1 juanjo_asdf

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Posted 14 January 2007 - 08:07 PM

[/airquote] Ok here goes.

Age: 27
Weight: 86kg
Height: 176cm

Modafinil @ 150-300mg (airsealed)

Consumed about 5 days a week aprox.

Other suppliments taken:
-Rhodiola @ 100-200mg
-Theanine @ 100-300mg
-Fish oil @ 3-4g
-ALA @ 200mg
-ALCAR @ 400-800mg

-Good for motivation (confidence but not realy well-being)
-Good for memory (although Im not to shure of how long and short the memory gain is)
and speed comprehension
-Dont like it when combined with caffeine or other stims
-When stimulation goes a bit over the top with it (ie. anxiety) it scatters me around a bit too much, and is quite counterproductive.
-I dont like my personality on modafinil (this is a big one for me). Too much of a smart ass and not too creative. Very mechanic in task. My mind dosent stop to look at new alternatives. Too logical and not too emotional
-Havent tried not sleeping for the night or anything like that
-Verbal fluency is not that good altogether. Some words are missing sometimes though I manage to get my message across through more words
-Headache until I get used to it
-Skipping days definitively helps boost
-Although it is good for concentration. Some times it gets me to [airquote] wired [/airquote]. I might go on the internet and get trapped there for hours on end. Willpower has to be employed to get the energy flowing in the right direction. Caution here
-Dont enjoy it socialy. Too tense and calculating, not natural.
-I get best results when I do my relaxation/breathing exercises
-Definitely a nootropic in some aspects for me
-When I stop taking it I feel a bit more tired than normal (might be subjective or tired as compared to on modafinil)
-Tense muscles in back and neck
-Very good for mental energy (still physically sluggish) --- racing mind and tired body at times

Might come up with a few more observations but thats it for now.

Found out that there was some pills for memory enhancement for the elderly being sold over the internet with low doses of fluoxetine modafinil and two memory enhancing chemicals being sold over the net. Tetratabs. Anyone heard of those, according to an article I read on the spainsh internet newspaper they got banned/busted for being ilegaly sold and used mainly by students.

#2 tracer

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Posted 27 January 2007 - 04:46 PM

I've been watching the modafinil posts here for a while, and it is my intent to add it to my "permanent increases in intelligence" stack at some point, which is probably going to be quite soon. I believe that you are experiencing fairly common sides and that a lot of them will be alleviated with a common mood-elevating stack and some 'racetams. I'll keep y'all posted

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#3 ankoo

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  • Location:India

Posted 30 December 2011 - 06:14 AM

I have been using modafinil since 5 days, 100mg for 3 days and 200 mg for 2 days along with citalopram 15(mg) as prescribed by my doc.Initially for 3 days (when I was on 100mg) it was ok,just slight irritability.But after taking 200mg felt the following-:
1.)Tired never before after 5hours
2.)Then began hallucination,felt like I am dreaming
3.) I became anxious,irritable and jittery feeling overcame me.
4.)Stomach bloating was so high that it bothered my heart a lot.
5.)Coudn't get a sound sleep.

Not sure whether this happened because of modafinil alone or the mixing of citalopram and modafinil. But it sure did botherd me.

#4 Baten

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Posted 30 December 2011 - 10:46 AM

I once took modafinil before class. I too felt as if I were dreaming. Just was staring and 5 minutes later the class ended. Never again! lol.
Other people report it to be a wonderdrug for them, though.

Edited by Baten, 30 December 2011 - 10:46 AM.

#5 Smarter

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  • Location:UK

Posted 21 September 2012 - 07:49 PM


a quick question, does your body weight effect the dose you need?

Does http://www.modafinil.me seem like a reliable source?

Where did you get yours?


#6 jerichodotm

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  • Location:USA

Posted 23 September 2012 - 05:10 AM


a quick question, does your body weight effect the dose you need?

Does http://www.modafinil.me seem like a reliable source?

Where did you get yours?


I've ordered successfully from http://www.nubrain.com/ multiple times. I wasn't a fan of it though. It heightened my anxiety and made me more irritable. This could be because of other things I was taking at the time. I will likely try it again in the near future.

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#7 Bigbrains

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 11:39 AM

I had exactly the same side effects as you jerichodotm. I tried it hoping it would do great things,but it made me very socially anxious to the point I dreaded going outside of the house.I felt very self conscious on it,and did not notice any concentration ,or motivation benefit. I tried it about 5 years ago,and was able to get a script easily for it, though I had to pay out of my pocket because a lack of good insurance.It was damn expensive back then.

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