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My experience with Piracetam/Oxiracetam/Alpha GPC & Questions

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#1 Matt-Man

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 02:59 AM

Hello everyone. I am in my 30's and I found out about Piracetam a few months ago. After doing some research it seemed safe enough for at least an experiment. I just finished a month of experimenting with Piracetam and Alpha GPC.


1st week:

2400mg Piracetam (3x daily)
800mg Alpha GPC (3x daily)

2nd - 3rd week:
900mg Piracetam (3x daily)
250mg Alpha GPC (3x daily)

4th week:
900mg Piracetam (3x daily)
600mg Oxiracetam (3xdailY)
350mg Alpha GPC (3x daily)

5th week (starts tomorrow 4/28/09):
600mg Oxiracetam
100mg Alpha GPC

Also taking Vitamin D, E, B, C, Flac Seed Oil, Fish Oil, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium supplements. I am taking the bottles recommended dosage.

First Week: The first week of taking the Piracetam I was so so so tired. I finally felt better some time in to the second week.

Second - Third Week: I started to get engery mid week. I noticed I had a more energized feeling. I noticed some strange things like the ability to hear better or maybe just understand words that were spoken softly.

Third Week: Wow, this stuff was really kicking in. My wife noticed that I was getting a rush soon after taking a dosage and I could feel it. I was feeling lifted up, energized, and pumped up after taking it. I would feel that feeling go away after about 3 - 4 hrs which meant it was time to take another dosage. I noticed a weird sensation, it was as if my mind had more room in it and I could multitask easier. Things that took my full focus were not that hard and I was able to easily grap them. For instance, I am going through some audio studies. I was having to pause and rewind alot so I could soak in the instruction and take notes. After taking Piracetam for about three weeks, I was playing my audio back in double speed and keeping up without having to pause but once in a blue moon.

The Bad of the Third Week: This wasn't good, "Manic Matt" was creeping through. I take lithium because I am naturally manic. My wife noticed I was feeling too pumped up, I had a very short temper, little things would get me upset, I was displaying my mania. (I also have friends who are on Piracetam and they are totally manic after about 2months.) Since I am naturally manic I knew I would not be able to stay on this suppliment since it seemed to be causing manic in myself and my two other buddies.

Fourth Week: I added 600mg Oxiracetam and bumped up the Alpha GPC to 350mg, I am going to dump Piracetam. I am once again so so so so tired. What the heck is up with this. I have not noticed anything from the Oxiracetam, but hopefully it will keep all the great Piracetam side effects and dump the manic.

Fifth Week: Tomorrow I drop Piracetam and go with the 600mg Oxiracetam and 100mg Alpha GPC. I may have to increase the Alpha GPC if I have side effects.

Questions: Has anyone else seen experienced manic with Piracetam? I am going to try Oxiracetam, then Aniracetam, then Pramiracetam all on their own to see which one will fit me best. Has anyone had any manic aka pumped up feeling, going overboard, doing more stupid things with any of the other *racetams?

Does anyone know why I am so so so tired? What can I do about it if it continues for another week or so?

I am just guessing at the Oxiracetam dosage. What is the average dosage and the alpha gpc to oxiracetam dosage? Also if you have the same info for Aniracetam and Pramiracetam I will write that info down since I am sure I will be testing those out in the next few months.

I was planning to take each *racetam for about 2-months to get a good feel of things. I had to quit Piracetam due to increased levels of mania. Do you think a 2month trial is a suitable time?

I am taking these suppliments to increase my studing, learnings, and memory. I hope to find a good combination that I is healthy enough and works great with my body so I can take it long term. That brings up another question, will my body get used to any of these suppliments? Will I need to go on a suppliment vacation every "x" amount of time to keep the potency?

Thanks for reading,

#2 Guacamolium

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 03:14 AM

I haven't experienced a manic episode FROM the effect of piracetam, rather from the glutamatergic rebound it causes a few hours after taking it. If you suffer from clinical mania, then the racetams surely will exacerbate it.

Maybe pyritinol + alpha-GPC would be a better combo for you. Also, take EPA derived from fish oil.

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#3 Matt-Man

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 04:10 AM

I will pick up some pyritinol and give it a try.

I read a few posts so far about pyritinol, and it looks like the average dosage is 200 - 400. I just finished reading a thread where you talked about NALT and pyritinol. Do you still enjoy your pyritiNalt mix? If so, could you give me a little more info about it?

- You said the drawbacks is that is may tax your pancreas & gallbladder but it can be combated with enzymes and/or taurine. What exactly do you stack with this to prevent problems?

- You said you take 100-200mg of NALT reapeated 5hrs later if even needed and that more is worse. Can you tell you are coming down from the effects of NALT, and are there obvious symptoms of over dosing ?


#4 Guacamolium

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 04:28 AM

PyritiNalt should definitely be taken as-is. Afterward you should take pancreatin and taurine to get your enzyme levels back up. Overdose symptoms include anxiety and gastro pains - with me. That combo is one of the best I've ever experienced from CE'ers - but that's my biochemistry. You might react different.

#5 Guacamolium

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 03:50 PM

Oh sorry, and to your last question - NALT has a very sharp bell-curve, meaning that dosing more will produce reversing effects (less monoamines) so definitely go low on its dose. In me, 3 times a day at 200mg per dose started having a reverse-effect after about a week.

#6 Matt-Man

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Posted 29 April 2009 - 03:38 AM

Thanks for the info. I will order some up next week.

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#7 peaskip

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Posted 08 May 2009 - 12:48 PM

you need to be taking choline with the piracetam.
from my understanding, piracetam seeps your natural choline away; leaving you extremely tired.
also, I have noticed that under piracetam, if I take it too late then although I am able to sleep,
it is much more of a 'dream' sleep state. meaning, that I am not going into a 'deep' restorative sleep,
and thus I will be a lot more tired.

So, continue with the piracetam, but:

1) get some additional choline into your body, stat
2) don't take it too late, and start taking chamomile and lemon balm to send you off into a deeper sleep

hope this helps.

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