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Oxiracetam Overdose

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#1 jtinktank

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Posted 18 January 2010 - 05:25 PM

What are the symptoms of an overdose of oxiracetam?

I had a really important exam today... FRIGHTENINGLY IMPORTANT. Naturally, I was ill prepared.

I stumbled upon this thread: Oxiracetam Mega-dose experience (12 grams), cramming for an exam
I was convinced this would work for me.

I spent the whole of last night revising and still hadn't finished. Armed with caffeine (red bull), Alpha GPC and a large supply of Oxiracetam, I went to work.
I took somewhere between 10 and 14...make it 16g Oxiracetam. While i was revising everything was great. I was remembering things and learning things really quickly.

Then I went to bed for 4 hours. I woke up and the trouble began. I couldn't remember a damn thing! I couldn't remember mechanisms (Organic Chemistry exam), processes... NOTHING. I would look at starting reactions and could not complete them.

I had a hint of confidence towards the exam. I kept reminding myself that I took Oxiracetam and that things would be a lot better that i thought; I was somehow convinced that i would have this amazing 'photographic memory' because of the high dose. Then I read the questions. I gave up. I walked out 30mins after the exam started (the exam was 2 hours). That was the first time I have ever walked out of an exam and it will be my LAST!

My initial response to Oxi was positive. A slight buzz with memory and faster learning.

Did I overdose or did I fail because of sleep deprivation?

The problem is... I have an exam tomorrow of equal importance. Do I take Oxiracetam? Do I dare touch the stuff after last night? LOWER DOSE maybe?

I've got aniracetam... It makes me slightly drowsy. It doesn't feel as good as oxiracetam. I've also got pramiracetam but have never tried it. I need to take something (I have 1 exam tomorrow and another on Wednesday). What would you do?
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#2 meursault

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Posted 19 January 2010 - 12:48 AM

What would you do?

I would be skeptical of claims of photographic memory, leaps of intelligence, or any other significant enhancements to mental acuity from a single individual on internet forums.

I would also completely avoid mega-dosing, especially for a substance which as no scientific evidence for being effective or safe at "mega-dosages."
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#3 punkideas

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Posted 19 January 2010 - 02:46 AM

First thing, you should probably rethink your nootropic strategy. If you are expecting magical benefits just because someone else reported them, you're approaching it wrong. Worry about doing well on your tests from now, not what suppliments will help you. Next, don't try new things in critical situations (like tests). If you're going to try something off the wall, try it at a time when you can afford it to go horribly wrong. I usually try something new when I'm starting a paper (well before the deadline), so if it works, great, if not, oh well.
As far as what happened, your mistake was that you expected what could only be described as a profound effect from something you've never tried before. With nootropics, the responses can be very variable between people. You may have "overdosed" in the sense that it threw your brain chemistry way off. Also, sleep dep will always reduce mental performance when compared to a full night's sleep, and no suppliment can eliminate that (although some, such as caffeine, can help). Really, you should not see nootropics as a powerful mental boost, but as an addition to good practices. In many ways, it is like certain sports suppliments. Sitting on the couch and taking a bunch before a big game won't make you better, but using them alongside practice might give you a slight advantage.
What you should do is develop good study habits, and work on developing a stack that will give you a small boost. Look at what others have done, and what seems to work for many people. DO NOT treat any single report as representative. Add one thing at a time, and above all, remember it is about finding what works for you.
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