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In the direction of trying to grasp what it means to exist.

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#1 brokenportal

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Posted 13 November 2010 - 03:00 AM

In the Direction of Trying to Grasp What it Means to Exist

The universe, the cities, the souls, times come and past, the big picture of it all, its fortune and fate, happenstance and chance coiling through the airwaves weaving in and out throughout the corridors and shores and floors, we call it existence, and its big, really big.
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Histories time line is like a long path and we here represent the spot on that trail that time is currently manifested as. The stars in the background are the only imprint remaining that spans histories trail of mementos, like Dachau death marches and Choctaw trails. Even relics continue the slide as they slowly fade, mountains of their days, now chiseled away by times rivers.

It's all legendary, wild, mythical, incredible, and ours, each one of ours. There are worlds of complex mechanisms inside atoms, inside cells, inside creatures, inside ecosystems, on planets, in galaxies and on and on, leaving us wondering if it really could be like an endless fractal in both directions, and desperate for a chance to know. The long arduous labors of our prokaryotic precursors are now beginning to bud curious new transhuman fruit. Each one of us like a rickety roller coaster set up on temporary take down stages for traveling plays just hoping to stay on the tracks. We have conquered a planet under these circumstances, like Alexander the great crossing countries atop Bucephalus we ride through the universe atop the planet earth, trying to keep our grip on the reigns while we hop from stage to stage.

Think of the ancient history, the richest of the kings and queens with the golden thrones, crowns, everything jewel encrusted, exotic animals, limitless concubines, slaves, best fish tank, singing canaries, speedy buggy, salted turnips and best open hole bathroom that money could buy. What is that money worth to them now? Time is money and if you don't have any then you're dead broke.

Some of these ancients remain with us as things like mummies today. Now there's an interesting collision of worlds. Those who could still be here, who want to be here, gave it their best shot, and are still here, now in rags begging for us to come up with a solution to bring them back to life. It was a nice try, their notions lived on in the DNA of their progeny, working it out, better and better, building the tools and emerging today amongst us as cryonics, a surer form of mummification. We don't have the cures or the salves for the mummies, but you still have a shot. You are them, you are the same people, the same blood, you are the ancients, but the future can still be theirs/yours. 1,000 BC, 2,100 AD, it's all ancient history to the people of 45,000 AD.

The poorest amongst the industrialized citizens today still have their "junky" car, and stereo, lighters, watches cell phones, 3 TV's with 8 basic channels, "junky" computer and "slow" internet connection, their FDA tested food, state of the art health technology with emergency transport, their malls and restaurants just down the street, the freedom to fly anywhere in the world after a few weeks saving and so many other things. These are our poorest people. They are richer than the richest kings and queens of old. In the same kind of way that the poorest amongst us today have many times more than the richest kings and queens of centuries ago, so will the poorest of us in a post indefinite life extension world be richer than the richest Forbes list billionaire amongst us today.

Not even a percent of a percent of this territory is mapped. What does that mean for all that which is outside of the speck of light we are in so far? Trillions upon trillions upon trillions of lives and scenarios are interacting and going down around us every day. You might see an ant fighting with a mutant form of a June bug and be able to contemplate their struggle, but miss the fact that this mutation will soon change the landscape of the area in profound ways. You might just dirt bike right over the top of them without ever even contemplating that, all the while thinking about the prospects of a ranch style house in this area and the philosophy of a progressive struggle in a capitalist climate. All this while unknowns surround us, like, maybe an unfathomable machine is being created on a planet whose distance we can't conceive, illuminating answers we never dreamt possible; maybe an amazingly complex civilization is at its height; perhaps there are other dimensions with wonders that would blow our minds while their blowing our minds.

We know what is going on in parts of this place we are in, but what about everywhere else? What about how it all interacts? What it all means as a whole? Do we think we can guess what is going on everywhere? We can hardly ever even guess who the culprit is in a typical television murder mystery. Can we even guess what is going on in all the buildings of one single town? Some of those points of light in the night time sky are entire galaxies unto themselves, some of them are entire universes, that space between might not end.

This paper could be expanded to fill libraries with volumes on the limitless and profound mind blowing unencapsulatable nature of it. No, libraries are filled with volumes on exactly that, and even those haven't begun to scratch the surface of what it means to exist.

So here we are, pioneers on times trail, the precursors, surviving caravans retooling for a star trek, what does the big picture of existence have in store for us on the trail ahead?

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#2 forever freedom

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Posted 13 November 2010 - 12:58 PM

That's right, the possibilities are endless. That's why i have always believed that life would never get boring.

The next decades will tell whether this is a reason for celebration or despair. It all depends on whether we're the lucky generation to beat aging or not.
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#3 brokenportal

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Posted 15 November 2010 - 09:10 PM

That's right, the possibilities are endless. That's why i have always believed that life would never get boring.

The next decades will tell whether this is a reason for celebration or despair. It all depends on whether we're the lucky generation to beat aging or not.

Right, and your point is easy to agree with for many, but look past. It is very key, "It all depends on whether we're the lucky generation to beat aging or not."

You will be dead in the blink of an eye. The only way you can stop that blink from happening and then the next thing being perpetual oblivion is to do something about it. Only fighting with everything you can muster will give you a chance to not blink and be dead.

Whats happening is that a lot of people think there is plenty of time. Plenty of time to get this done; plenty of time for outreach to spread to the world; plenty of time for researchers to graduate, start research projects and move them through to completion; plenty of time for more mothers to instill this cause in their kids so that more of them might take this up in school; plenty of time for the media and other factors to start influencing enough philathropists and legistlators etc...

We think that most of the people in graveyards have been there for a long time, that this is another eon in itself, another time and place, but its not, those people were just recently alive. Those people were all just recently standing around thinking to themselves that they have all the time in the world. For some perspective, a person alive today could have met somebody that knew a person who lived in the 1600s. The people in the graveyards that sprawl across the face of our globe dont even know they have been dead for decades and decades. Blink, your going to have been dead for decades and decades yourself. The ONLY WAY to have a chance to prevent that from happening is to put in the earnest, diligent, resolute work now. Its the only way. Its like the heroes on the 9/11 Pennsylvania flight. All of life is like being born on that plane. Your born, you look up, you see that there are highjackers working to take you down; you fight now, and you give it all you have or you die. You might still die, but fighting is the only way that you maybe do not die.

If we want to be the lucky generation then we have to be dedicated indefinite life extensionists. If your not, then whatever you are dedicating your time to you want more than life and the chance to see more of existence pioneered.

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