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Alternative to Immunocal

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#1 tizak

  • Location:Canada

Posted 22 June 2011 - 11:29 AM

Hi all, in the past I have used Immunocal and felt there was more of an effect than a placebo, having said that, it uses multi level marketing and the product has remained prohibitively expensive. Does anyone have any experience with a comparable product that will raise and reinforce the glutathione available, http://en.wikipedia....ki/Glutathione. Presently I am taking the Now brand "Whey Protein Isolate" but the effect is not so obvious.

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#2 tomakin Re: Alternative to Immunocal

  • Location:Polska

Posted 25 June 2011 - 12:31 AM

(sorry for my English and hello, as it's my first post)

Yes, Immunocal works by slightly increasing your glutathione level. But you can buy ANY kind of whey protein isolate - and it would work almost identical. In fact, Immunocal is purified form of such protein. You can buy it for pennies in any bodybuilders shop, as you already did. Check out for supplement with decreased lactose, there's difference between whey isolate / protein and whey, some shops sells pure whey (worthless for you) as whey isolate. And you need to take much more of it to get the same effect, as Immunocal is concentrated form of few aminoacids.

Remember to take vitamin B6. B12 and folic acid, to counter very high methionine amount in whey protein isolate.

There's lots of ways to increase glutathione

- alpha-lipoic acid raise glutathione level even twice as much as Immunocal, and cost next to nothing

- milk thistle increase glutathione levels even by 230%, while immunocal only by 20-40%. Cost almost nothing

- MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) increase liver glutathione by umm... not sure now, around 100%, can't find study right now. Anyway, there are cases of HCV completely reversed after MSM treatment.

And generally you can use other antioxidants to decrease oxidative stress, such as vitamin E or vitamin C, it will slowly but significally increase glutathione levels in blood. Healtny eating (diet close to raw vegan) will reduce said stress too.

Hope it helps.
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#3 tizak Re: Alternative to Immunocal

  • Location:Canada

Posted 25 June 2011 - 11:27 PM

Tomakin, thank you for your informed reply, I have indeed purchased some alpha lipoic acid and I am looking forward to monitoring the effects, I have known about and have taken Milk Thistle for years as part of my health regime. Also for a number of years I had taken Immunocal. On taking a dosage of Immunocal I did notice an elevated effect on a consistent basis that has not been reproduced with the well regarded Now Brand Whey Protein, so I do believe the marketing of Immunocal when they stress the tri-peptide chemical bond with Cysteine is very fragile, (Cysteine is the limiting factor in the production of Glutathione in the body), and their processing technique, which they were able to get a patent for is the reason. Having said that, I am generally healthy and Immunocal's extravagant pricing keeps me away.

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#4 tomakin Re: Alternative to Immunocal

  • Location:Polska

Posted 26 June 2011 - 01:26 PM

as I said, you need much more of the "normal" whey protein compared with Immunocal, as it's an concentrated form of just few aminoacids with slightly better bioavaliability. But to be honest, for the price of Immunocal, which raise glutathione levels by merely 20-40%, you can buy supplements that can raise for 100-200% AND holidays on Bahama Islands.

Uh, and glutathione is not THAT important. Sure, it levels drops while you are sicks, but it doesn't matter raising them will always make you healthy, it's not always that simple. Your temperature rise during flu, sure, decreasing temperature will make you feel better, but it will greatly increase your chance to get serious health complications as well. There are other factors, much more important than just glutathione level, such as reduction of oxidative stress. Or stress in general. Maybe you should consider Bahama Islands, then? :D
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#5 EDTH Re: Alternative to Immunocal

  • Location:Santa Fe, NM USA

Posted 27 June 2011 - 07:00 PM

Immunocal is nondenatured (also called undenatured) whey protein. I have looked and looked and have been unable to find anything that sets Immunocal apart from other nondenatured whey proteins...other than the pharmaceutical looking box, the questionable marketing scheme, and the price.

NOW protein isolate, along with nearly all other brands is denatured, but there are other brands that sell nondenatured whey protein for the same price. You may want to check out Nutrabio brand whey protein isolate. BTW, it's the same price as NOW.

Apparently, denatured amino acid chains (the building blocks of the protein) don't create glutathione very well.

Glutathione pills are not well absorbed and have trouble making it into your bloodstream. Therefore, it is recommended you eat its precursors and let your body make it itself...or get it intravenously.

If anyone has accurate, no BS info, about how Immunocal is different from other available nondenatured whey protein isolates speak up.

As with nearly all these "miracles" being peddled around, they can't hold a candle to simply eating a healthy, balanced diet.
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