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Germinated brown rice for GABA

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#1 ymc

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Posted 02 August 2011 - 09:33 AM

Research showed that by soaking brown rice in water for hours can improve its GABA content by many folds. You can also buy germinated brown rice directly from some health food stores.

http://www.thaiscien...e varieties.pdf

Anyone here eating germinated brown rice regularly? If so, do you have better sleep and feeling less stressful?

#2 treonsverdery

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Posted 21 October 2011 - 06:59 PM

I super appreciate your genomics knowledge thus Im giving you a slighly better than usual reply hoping you will linger at imminst longecity

from what I have read about GABA it does not pass the blood brain barrier http://en.wikipedia....inobutyric_acid I've eaten a few grams of GABA with no detectable effect.

That said it is possible that fermenting a food with much GABA (or germinating seeds) could create chemicals that cross the blood brain barrier that have GABA like structures,
As a result of your genomics knowledge you may know of enzymes present only at the brain that could turn gaba linked to a naturally produced (sprouting or fermenting) blood brain barrier transporter molecule to GABA

Doing things to rice may confer longevity If you can stand the thought of fermented brown rice It is possible that versions of these two bacteria published as giving longevity may (unrelatedly) also modify GABA at food to make GABA variations that reach the CNS creating a calming longevity food.

http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/21652104 The mean life span (determined as mean percent survival) of worms fed L. plantarum CJLP133 and L. fermentum LA12 was 13.89% and 13.69% greater, respectively, than that of control nematodes after 21 days (P=0.036 and 0.043, respectively).
(In the current study, the probiotic potential of approximately 350 strains of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Korean infant feces and Kimchi was investigated.)
similar research http://www.ncbi.nlm....um%20CJLP133%20

As a nifty area of related research a researcher noted that digestion of wheat protein caused pharmacologically active opioid peptides to be produced during digestion causing sleepiness.

You may like this video I made a while ago called longevity rice about engineering rice to give longevity NDGA as well as AEDG peptides are noted

Edited by treonsverdery, 21 October 2011 - 07:23 PM.

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#3 Thorsten2

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Posted 21 October 2011 - 10:51 PM

Am I alone in thinking what is the point of this thread/discussion?

Dude, its rice, get over it.

Why you think the 'GABA content' of brown rice is even worth talking about is pretty stupid in my opinion. Brown rice contains L-Glutamine which is then made into GABA and Glutamate inside the brain. Increasing one or the other to a considerable degree is not a healthy thing and would result in you feeling off balance. It's the same if you try to increase 5HT or DA too much in terms of production with these NTs. It's too basic to think this way.

You could eat all the brown rice you want it's not going to make you that much calmer. It gets broken down slower than white rice or other more readily absorbable carbohydrates and this means it's kinder on your blood sugar. So it feels less like a see saw in terms of energy and therefore you feel more stable when eating this sort of stuff. There might be some b vitamins in this type of rice too which might provide some sort of calming effect but look up the nutritional information of brown rice it has some b vitamins in it but it's pretty negligable.

All in all these complex carbohydrates are kinder on blood sugar and this explains their calming effects. Also with stuff like oats/wheat they do indeed contain opiod peptides which numb the brain and also passify/sedate the individual to some extent. The 'GABA content' is completely irrelevant. You'd get more L-Glutamine (GABA precusor) in meat. So yeah, you can keep your GABA levels in check just by eating meat. In fact looking at something like GABA is just so irrelevant. The real benefits of diet lie in eating the correct percentages with the macro nutrients. From what I read on these boards it seems that this can actually vary from each individual based upon how they feel.

Rice in any form wouldn't be suitable for longevity because ultimately it is still a form of grain which the human gut just doesn't like. Leaky gut syndrome is just one example of what happens and explains why we suffer with food allergies. Plus it is stil an ouright form of carbohydrate which isn't something popular around these here parts for longevity. Ever heard of carb restriction/calorie restriction? Well carb intake is generally sort of minimized in these cases..

If you want to increase your GABA levels without mentally disabling yourself do some meditation or something. Due to decreased levels of stress I would argue it's probably great for longevity too.

Edited by Thorsten2, 21 October 2011 - 11:02 PM.

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#4 Thorsten2

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Posted 21 October 2011 - 10:56 PM

Also what you say about GABA doesn't actually ring true with anecdotals across the internet. There are actually quite a few people who claim that it does have a calming effect so if that is the case it could be doing something outside of the brain which causes relaxation in some users.

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