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imoortality solutions how to become immortal

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#1 Secular Pro-Transhumanist

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 05:31 PM

I'm not a Doctor or I'm not a degree level & I'm not good in English Communication and I'm not a novelistic scientist but wishing to be a part of this research. I am Filipino citizen. i have study alone about our nature by my own definition maybe my idea comes because of environmental and naturely inspired. Since my 6 years of age I really think about how to live forever because i saw people die and cant comeback to real world and soon. I am so very positive about this based on my own research and analyzing basic data found in our environment.

I want to share my little idea since I know all the Principles of everything in my own definition.

Finally How to become immortal and live life forever the answer is already here but let me ask and answer the basic question to undertand the basic things why human mortality happen/ or why people die?

1. Why human die?

Answer1: Because of Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses and Radio Active Material that responsible of decay, Sickness, Diseases, Cancer &Over Production of Fats like cholesterol in our blood stream. also the GENES that responsible of AGING.

Answe2: Killer Accident.

My Opionion, Solutions and answer for the Mention aboved.

1. We need to Harness the use of 'Plasma Light technology' as replacement of alcohol dis-infectant and other chemicals that dis-infects bacterial infection. plasma lights has the ability to kill PATHOGENIC BACTERIA without harmful effects to human.

2. We need to re-engineer VIRUSES that responsible in our GENES & DNA RECEPTORS to eat or kill the AGING GENES and to delete the inherrited genes like diabetes, highblood pressure, and other inherriting diseases. it is possible done in laboratory.

3. We need to replace or existing Human Heart into atomic/nuclear computer regulated powered heart that responsible for pumping blood normally in whatever conditions.

4.We need to Automate transportation and food production.

5. Ask more about my idea based on environmental concept i will give you more. its not a food we eat, its not a matter of exercise. we meant to die because of viruses and well programmed genes. but THERE IS POSSIBLE OF THE IMPOSSIBLITY.

#2 blueinfinity

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Posted 16 February 2013 - 08:27 PM

I noticed you didnt have any replies, but after reading your post, #2 really stuck out at me and would be something i am interested in hearing more about.

Very simply put, instead of fighting our bad, turning our bad into good. great idea, but lets talk about how we have and are currently applying this in real world and what is the future?

#3 mytyde

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Posted 26 April 2013 - 02:58 AM

I'm not sure if you've thought of this, but I wonder about the role of telomere length & telomerase on the aging process. It seems to me that it would probably be easier to find a chemical solution which protects telomeres than to try to mutate cellular dna.
By the way, symbiotic bacteria are an extremely important part of the human body. 9 trillion out of 10 trillion cells in the human body and 99% of the dna is from microorganisms.

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Posted 09 May 2013 - 03:22 AM

I tried contacting this guy months ago, but he hasn't been active for nearly a year at this point. I thought it would be cool to help him get a PHL immortality movement started. Med school there costs less than $4K/yr. With enough donations we could be churning out Pro Life Extension doctors and PHDs from the movement, not to mention undergraduates or at the very least create some Life Extension celebrities.
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