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Piracetam and nicotine withdrawal

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#1 vice7roy

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Posted 21 June 2012 - 09:17 PM

Moderator's Note:

The study below demonstrates that nicotine, regardless of administration method causes Smoker's Melanosis, and it is likely that by extension, whether specifically demonstrated or not, this action will accelerate the visible signs of skin aging by a similar uneven discoloration and an increase in the number of moles which smokers and their families get. 

The long-term effect of nicotine on the oral mucosa.


Hello ! I'm a 24 year old man from Romania. I've just started experimenting with nootropics and I went to the most easily available nootropic in Romania, Piracetam. I started with an "attack" dose of 5x0,8(4g) followed by a 7x0,8(5,6g) dose of piracetam. The second day i only took 8 g in two equal doses 8 hours apart. The third day i reduced my doses to 2,4g twice a day. The choline source of choice was a large omelet and some lecithin. Here is my experience:
The good:
-my ADD symptoms diminished. Now I am able to keep focus for longer although without the same intensity.
-I felt clear headed, more calm, detached.
-I stomped craving for cigarettes(yeah, a smoker on longecity :)). I actually haven't smoked for 40 hours and I don't feel the need to.
-I fell asleep easier.
-Improved mood
-Improved memory(but that's probably one of the side effects of improved focus).
-I had a very mild case of stutter. I stopped stuttering at all now.
The bad:
-Waking up is harder. I feel the need to sleep more.
- I feel drowsy, lethargic.
-Reduced spacial awareness. I bump into things all the time.
- It takes longer for me to understand complex things (probably because of the drowsiness )

However the side effects seem to reduce with lower doses.

What I wanted to know is how is this drug making me stop craving for cigarettes ? Any clinical studies made on this yet ? This can't be placebo because I wasn't expecting this effect from piracetam, and I wasn't planning on quitting right now. I am a half a pack a day smoker for 4 years now and I had several attempts to quit, but this stuff is amazing.

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#2 Sanguine_Rogue

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Posted 22 June 2012 - 03:46 AM

Hmm personally I enjoy cigarettes a little more whilst on Piracetam, due to the fact that it potentiates the effects of Piracetam (at least in my own experience). It could just be because you are so focused on some thought(s)/idea(s) that you are too "busy" to think or worry about cigarettes. I can say I have noticed that while taking Piracetam, if I get started on something, I tend to want to go full steam ahead and a cigarette usually requires stopping and taking a break.

I can't say anything about the having a hard time waking up in the morning considering I've experienced that long before I started taking Piracetam and other Nootropics. It could be due to your diet, or perhaps you are going to sleep too late and not getting enough rest. You could try taking a few B vitamins in the morning to help with energy, or perhaps some sort of fruit smoothy as they usually are actually quite healthy for you and provide a natural source of energy to get moving in the morning.

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#3 timjeezy

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 03:40 AM

I am a 23 y.o. male from the U.S.A. and I began taking piracetam (and choline bartartrate) recently to help me quit smoking. Piracetam has worked well for me for this purpose. I have never heard about or seen any articles about using nootropics to assist in quitting drugs, but I decided to give it a go after not having good results with wellbutrin (stopped taking after several weeks, a month or so prior to starting piracetam).

I feel like the piracetam helped me avoid, or at least not notice, the withdrawal symptoms I typically receive when not smoking for a few days (e.g., adhd, anxiety, insomnia, lethargy). This is not even mentioning the other benefits I have received from this nootropic. I also did not gain any weight, but I am skinny, have a fast metabolism, and was not a "heavy" smoker, so this was most likely not related.

Good luck to you. Hopefully piracetam will help you quit smoking. And I expect that it will make your life better anyways.

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