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Huperzine A dosage and general brain-stack advice


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#1 Ryzaar

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Posted 21 March 2013 - 08:39 AM

Just realised the topic title may be a bit misleading - this is a question, not an informative thread... sorry :P

I've just mixed up 10 doses of a brain stack (want to test for any negative side effects first) using bulk powders, however after reviewing a couple posts here I'm worried I've completely stuffed up with Huperzine A. I'm constantly reading serving sizes of around 50mcg, and I've just chucked in 10mg (as advised by the packaging I received it in) per serve. I've read into it a little more and have found that the powder I bought is "Huperzine A 1% (Huperzia Serrata)", so I'm hoping 10mg equates to 10mcg (1%) Huperzine A - can anyone confirm this?

Second of all, I've created this stack in hope to improve concentration/motivation/attention span towards study and gym exercise. This is what I'm about to test right now:

200mg___Guarana Seed
200mg___Siberian Ginseng
200mg___Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
200mg___White Willow Bark
400mg__Choline Bitartrate
250mg___DMAE Bitartrate
100mg___Phosphatidyl Serine
10mg_____Huperzine A
200mg__R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

2085mg___Total (Will be chucking this into caps)

The majority of these ingredients were just taken from a supplement called BrainQuicken: BodyQuick, which seems to be getting great reviews. The rest is just stuff that I've had lying around (noopept, etc).

I'm considering taking out White Willow, as off the top of my head, aspirin/salicin have some effect on blood thinning. I get frequent blood noses lasting 30mins+ (mostly on hot days), so I don't want my blood to be too much thinner than it already is. I don't supplement with fish oil or anything other blood thinners (that I know of), just a multivitamin and Agmatine Sulfate every morning.

I'm keen to try this out my 10 serving tester, due to the great reviews BodyQuick is receiving, but would also love suggestions on improving this afterwards,

EDIT: I do have ALCAR and LCLT on hand too. I usually have 2g of each pre-workout, but in all honesty, I've never really felt the effects. I'm pretty intolerant to caffeine (400mg doses don't do alot) and most other stimulants. In saying that, I have had Rhodolia as a stimulant before and felt great on that, so I might chuck that in at some stage. My dosage was 2x 500mg caps (NOW Foods: Standardized To Min. 3% Total Rosavins And Min. 1% Salidrosides)

EDIT2: I forgot to mention, I'm currently taking 2g GABA and 2g Glycine before bed. I'm not sure if any ill-effects will be felt between all this shit I'm taking.

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