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Glucose and Phosphorus origin of life?

ingredients of life

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#1 gregcc

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Posted 22 January 2016 - 01:38 PM

Hey all,


I couldn't help notice that to create dna all you really need is glucose or more specifically ribose and phosphorus and possibly water. Wouldn't that make life pretty abundant in the universe? Or am i missing something? With glucose being Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen add some phosphorus and you have all you need for lifeng.2757-F1.jpg

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#2 serengetilion

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Posted 21 June 2016 - 08:01 PM

I just ran across your post and I am learning just what u said. It is so frigging amazing. How easy. How simple yet the process that brought us to what we are now must have took a million yrs,none the less,absofuckinglutely amazing.For me,I don't buy into a god created life,I believe there's no heaven, no hell,no devil,certainly no good loving god,FFS! And as I'm just learning,I would guarantee other life has to exist like us,it has to.

#3 Kinesis

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Posted 06 October 2017 - 03:41 AM

You’d also need nitrogen. Ribose and phosphorus just have carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and, well, phosphorus.

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