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Are computers making humans more inteligents?


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#1 Simplicity

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 06:18 PM

Things are changing very quickly, currently the information is available for everyone who have got a computer, forums like this make people be able to increase their lifespan in various environments, so that knowledge makes us more inteligent in my opinion, without access to the internet we couldn't know that, so this is the point "Advances + knowledge = more intelligence"?

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#2 Oakman

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 08:20 PM

Thanks for the afternoon chuckle. You've brightened up my day  :laugh:

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#3 niner

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 10:56 PM

The internet vastly increases the spread of information, but it also has the same effect for dis-information.  It's certainly helping some of us, but it's also filling some of our heads with garbage.  This becomes a problem when the people who believe false things act on those behaviors, doing things like electing dangerous clowns or passing disastrous initiatives.  I used to think that society was on net better off because of modern information technology, but lately I'm not so sure. 


I'm not really sure about the relationship between "smartness" and knowledge.  They are not the same thing, but a good knowledge base should improve one's "common sense" and judgement, at least a bit.  It's unlikely to have an effect on processing speed, memory recall and the like.

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#4 sthira

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Posted 12 December 2016 - 03:29 AM

Things are changing very quickly, currently the information is available for everyone who have got a computer, forums like this make people be able to increase their lifespan in various environments, so that knowledge makes us more inteligent in my opinion, without access to the internet we couldn't know that, so this is the point "Advances + knowledge = more intelligence"?

Yes, I agree with you. And along with niner I agree that it's challenging within this glut of information to differentiate fiction from non-fiction. It's hard to distinguish news from fake news, science from pseudo-science, marketing hype from genuine advances, blah blah. Should I spend money on Niagen, or c60 in olive oil, or one of the cell senescent clearing options, or spend my time fasting or reducing calories, should I believe what SENS is advocating, or what cryonics may mean, did Russians tamper with the US election, do anti-climate change loudmouths really believe their own words, on and on, what is truth, what is propaganda, what are lies?

To remove greed for money, for fame and for power would certainly improve our species and the other species with whom we share life on earth. Sounds like an impossible dream -- remove human greed with CRISPR techniques. But that doesn't seem to be happening yet. One day we'lol slowly begin to wake up -- or maybe giant catastrophes sent from Mother Nature will force us to evolve; but until then, work at figuring out what are the best, most vetted sources of infotainment. Snd this site, I think, is mostly infotainment -- I love this site, but that's one half criticism and one half praise.
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#5 Simplicity

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Posted 24 December 2016 - 10:01 PM

El Internet aumenta enormemente la difusión de la información, pero también tiene el mismo efecto para des-información. Sin duda, está ayudando a algunos de nosotros, sino que también está llenando algunas de nuestras cabezas con la basura. Esto se convierte en un problema cuando las personas que creen cosas falsas actúan sobre esos comportamientos, haciendo cosas como la elección de payasos peligrosas o que pasa iniciativas desastrosas. Yo solía pensar que era la sociedad en red mejor gracias a la tecnología moderna de la información, pero últimamente no estoy tan seguro. 


No estoy muy seguro acerca de la relación entre la "elegancia" y el conocimiento. Ellos no son la misma cosa, pero una buena base de conocimientos deben mejorar uno de "sentido común" y el juicio, al menos un poco. Es poco probable que tenga un efecto en la velocidad de procesamiento, memoria de la memoria y similares.

Hi, well I think like you, there is a book how talk about that, write by Nicholas G. Carr i would like to recommend this book





certainly my friend, I believe that if the internet is used correctly is a great benefit, but to this day and as you say, there are too many unseemly behavior

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#6 Simplicity

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Posted 24 December 2016 - 10:35 PM


Las cosas están cambiando muy rápidamente, en la actualidad la información está disponible para todo el mundo que han conseguido una computadora, foros como este hacen que las personas sean capaces de aumentar su vida útil en varios ambientes, por lo que el conocimiento nos hace más inteligente en mi opinión, sin acceso a internet no podríamos saber que, por lo que este es el punto "avances + = conocimiento más inteligencia"?

Sí estoy de acuerdo con usted. Y junto con niner Estoy de acuerdo que es un reto dentro de este exceso de información para diferenciar la ficción de la no ficción. Es difícil distinguir las novedades de noticias falsas, la ciencia de la pseudociencia, bombo de la comercialización de los avances genuinos, bla, bla. ¿Debo gastar dinero en Niagen, o C60 en aceite de oliva, o una de las opciones de compensación senescentes células, o pasar el tiempo en ayunas o la reducción de calorías, debo creer lo SENS aboga, o lo que la criónica puede decir, ¿los rusos manipule el elecciones en Estados Unidos, no bocazas de cambio contra el clima realmente creen sus propias palabras, una y otra vez, lo que es verdad, lo que es propaganda, ¿cuáles son las mentiras?

Para eliminar avidez por el dinero, la fama y el poder sin duda mejorar nuestra especie y las otras especies con las que compartimos la vida en la tierra. Suena como un sueño imposible - eliminar la codicia humana con técnicas de CRISPR. Pero eso no parece estar ocurriendo todavía. Un día we'lol comienzan lentamente a despertar - o tal vez catástrofes gigantes enviados desde la madre naturaleza nos obligará a evolucionar; pero hasta entonces, trabajar en averiguar cuáles son las mejores fuentes, la mayoría examinados de información y entretenimiento. SND este sitio, creo, es sobre todo de información y entretenimiento - Me encanta este sitio, pero eso es la mitad de la crítica y la mitad elogio.


I like your vocabulary, you must be a really educated person. My thinking is too simple, immortality will be reached someday but it will be limited, here we talk a lot about drugs and supplements but from my point of view, the psyche and the food itself is superior to all of them, we have very serious problems but we turn our backs, pollution, annihilation of nature and excessive control of herself is a point against us, there is a book of a great philosopher called "Fernando Pessoa" was written in spanish but is one of the best book about inmortality that i have read  this would be in english like "Erostratus and the quest for immortality."



He speak about  Herostratus that was a ancient greek who burned the temple of artemis in search of a form of immortality



Although the book is much deeper and speaks of the idea of a God and what would happen if there was a person who  was immortal, since life is a succession of experiences and these are repeated in different ways, boredom would constitute His punishment.


Pessoa wrote "Love is a mortal sample of immortality"  The only way to be immortal would be to be remembered by others

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#7 nickthird

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Posted 12 November 2017 - 06:59 PM

Computers have affected people in two ways:

1. Jobs

2. Recreation


The first one is mostly positive, because computer assisted job in many cases have automation, and thus require less repetition from the user. You also have "big data" as a result of computers which people can now analyze (so more stuff to think about). Due to the internet people can now find better suited work across the globe and max out their potential. Also using computers you can apply parts of your brain that would not be used otherwise (analytical).


The second one is for most people negative. Less person to person interaction due to technology. Communicating via video or text is not close to real life. People are wasting time on social media. People become less creative as a result of standardisation of everything. Doing pre-set things like playing games and watching series in most cases would lessen creativity and intuition.

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