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Useful Treatment for Sinus/Bronc infections & posb. Alergies

infection allergy allergies cold cough unproductive cough therapy protocol bronchial sinus

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Posted 19 July 2017 - 03:51 PM

Please help me out if this is not the best section for this..


This is simply what I do and have seen work successfully many times with others that I am sharing, Not medical advice.


I have a few tricks for Sinus/Bronchial problems that have been very helpful for me.  All involve an emptied out a pharma nasal spray bottle. (The type where you just squeeze the sides of the bottle.)


1- 1/3rd fill the bottle with distilled water then add 3-4 drops of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) then add a few drops of strong Lugols iodine.  you should add enough that there is a very slight but not uncomfortable burn/warmth when using.  i cant say how much as I am using a regent grade version for lab staining and I think it may be higher % than the 5% or 10% versions that constitute strong Lugol's you see on ebay or wherever.  With mine it is about 4 drops I put.  You should only use the Lugol's form for this.  I don't know if its the GSE that helps but it does not smell or taste nasty when you use it.  This is the most powerful and effective at canceling incoming sinus infection of the three.

2- 1/3rd fill the bottle with distilled water ad 3-4 drops GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and then about 5 drops of 30% food grade hydrogen peroxide.  again you should add enough that there is a very slight but not uncomfortable burn/warmth when using.

3- 1/3rd fill the bottle with colloidal silver then add about 3-4 drops of GSE (grapefruit seed extract)

Number 1 is the most powerful and 2-3 a very good as well.  I tend to alternate the 3 as needed but if I could only pick one it would be the first.  If two then I would have to pick 1 and 2, it's not that 3 is the least effective it's just that 2 with it's h2o2 has a very active cleansing property and is complimentary to 1 or 3. (think of how h2o2 fizzes)

These all seem to have an cleaning/clearing effect.  And all are capable of knocking out an incoming infection if you use repeatedly at early signs of problems.  Also some seem to help in cases where the inflammation is allergy related. (the silver one comes to mind but I believe the others may as well)

If you are stuffed up you will use and then you should be able to blow your nose and get some out,  then repeat enough times until you can get the spray deep into your sinuses enough that it can make it to the back of your throat.  Repeat as needed until the infection has gone.  I also tend to use these, especially the silver one with other sickness to assist although I don't get sick much anymore and can often defeat and incoming infection before it takes hold with this and some other methods I use.  I am currently in the tropics and infections abound in certain seasons so I am very grateful to have these.

Also I use recipe 1 and 2 via a cheap ultrasonic nebulizer to treat the lungs when congestion or unproductive cough is present.  In these use cases they will make you cough but it is a good cough as you will expectorate much gunk from down there.  This method also seems to help kill the infection fairly quickly.

I do not use the silver one in my lungs.  I know that there is some "silver lungs" product where you do just that, but for me the prospect of sending small metal particles into my lungs does not appeal.  Maybe if there was some super deadly outbreak taking place, I would try, but it is really not needed as 1 and 2 work great.  I know that iodine is technically a metal also, however it rapidly absorbs through your tissues.  You can see this if you paint a little on your skin vs some on some paper.  The paper stain will stay and the skin stain will vanish rapidly as you body really wants the stuff.  For this reason I was willing to try nebulizing with Iodine and it was so effective I never looked back.

Note that although I reference a slight burn/warmth for knowing that you have an active dosing but should not cause pain or serious discomfort.  I know someone who's son used these method's starting around 4 1/2 years old and requests it to this day when having discomfort or sickness so it should be that mild.

The other note I need to make is that I read someone's comment somewhere regarding inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide.  He said that if you are a smoker it can release enough nicotine into your bloodstream at once to give you a heart attack and kill you so you need to quit smoking for a time before attempting.  For me that did not prove to be true and I think it may just be something he reasoned out.  It made me approach the topic very carefully though, which I am thankful for anyway.  I am a smoker and did not get that effect or any scarey symptoms related to it. In fact I now use this somewhat regularly to do some maintenance and clean up on my lungs because of that fact that I unfortunately do smoke.

Hope this can help some people.  It has helped me and loved ones a great deal.



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