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Preservation Protocols


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#1 senszen

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Posted 13 August 2017 - 04:11 AM

Hi All,


Besides my brief intro, this is my first post. I have been following anti-aging for 5 - 6 years. We all know Aubrey De Grey's prediction about there being a 50% chance that comprehensive damage repair therapies will be available within the next 20 - 25 years. What about all the people in their 40', 50' 60's and beyond? I think there are some quality options available right now to help stave off some of the effects of damage, which should make the coming SENS based treatments more efficacious.


Here are three:



All of what I know has come from this video:  It looks promising.  Here's a quick synopsis of what Mr. Cohen has found:

·         protects against Alzheimer disease related neurotoxicity

·         protects mitochondrial function

·         protection from cellular toxins

·         children of centenarians have three times the circulating levels than controls. It's tied to longevity? 600 pg/ml

·         metabolic protection

·         humanin is low in Alzheimer patients

·         elevated humanin eliminates plaques almost completely


Depending on the cost and what it takes to get your levels elevated, this could be a pulse therapy or a daily therapy. If it's price prohibitive, a once per year treatment for a month may help keep your arteries clear.




I won't rehash this as I'm sure that most people are familiar with David Sinclair's work. I was googling around to see if anything has changed as far as the cost of injecting NMN after watching this video:



I came across this website:




If you skip ahead to 33.19 min on the video, you'll see a photo of a bottle of NMN, 500 MG. Mr. Sinclair is about to do a trial. This means the min dose has to be 500mg. He also shared some anecdotal evidence about people taking this molecule, himself included. I think he looks pretty good for a guy who's almost 50.


With NMN, it looks like there's a pretty powerful anti-aging drug available today. I'm not sure if the revgenetics product is legit. It would take 10 pills per day to get to the 500 mg min. It's probably price prohibitive for most people.


GDF 11:

Not much to say on this one either because Steve Perry has done a great job documenting his experience, along with the experience of others . Fascinating results.

Here are the GDF 11 links:




I'm a total lay person but I'm wondering if there could be a synergistic effect if you take one or more of these drugs. Although I don't think these options will get you decades more, you might get an additional 10 - 15 years. You should also have less damage so that the coming therapies work better. 


Does anyone have anything to add? 

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#2 Lena Mill

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Posted 17 August 2017 - 07:04 PM

In the video, David Sinclair mentions metformin. Isn't metformin a diabetes treatment? What effect does it have as an anti-aging substance?

#3 Droplet

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Posted 18 August 2017 - 07:52 AM

You should probably post this in the aging theories forum. :)

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