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Need help with rejuvenation metrics.


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Posted 10 October 2017 - 08:17 PM

So, I'm leveraging a variety of vectors which together I expect to:

  1. Restore stem cell volume
  2. Restore stem cell function such as unassisted differentiation rates
  3. Restore uniformity to the Extracellular Matrix (ECM), remove what can be removed.
  4. Shorten the biological half-life of glucosepane through existing pathways, even if weak.
  5. Create meaningful senolysis
  6. Extend Telomeres
  7. Repair DNA
  8. Make skin and tissue more uniform in appearance.
  9. Permanently restore endogenous hormone levels
  10. Restore glomerular function (This will require an ultrasound of my kidneys, I'm too young for estimates to be accurate). This naturally declines with aging and without ultrasound is invisible to us as metrics are presently undetectable beyond inaccurate estimates until we've lost 60-80% of our glomerular function. I'm unaware of their being any library of ultrasound images that could be used here, so we're going to have to improvise. Suggestions welcome.
  11. Restore unassisted hormone levels. That is, elevate my hormone levels without sustained intervention as by improvement of organ system function.

What I'm not expecting at this time:

  1. Some skin abnormalities that accumulate with aging, such as the raising of old acne scars, or perhaps the slow recess of fats that hold up surrounding tissue? 
  2. Total removal of glucosepane, though perhaps deposits will become more diffuse.


What I'm expecting with future revisions or hoping to get additional funding for:

  1. Direct destruction of Glucosepane with Alagebrium and an adjuvant complex.
  2. Improved cellular function and regeneration of  healthy, youthful subcutaneous adipose tissue. This could include making preparations/extracts of lab grown human brown adipose stem cells.
  3. Infusion of select organelles grown and extracted from autologous stem cell cultures where my stem cells have been rejuvenated. 

I want to get an idea of what metrics or markers I will need to measure to asses accomplishment of these goals. 

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