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Aging Science


10 questions on aging science. Good luck!

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VictorBjoerk 100% 18 March 2019 - 07:14 PM
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Questions in this Quiz

Aging Science

  1. Which of the following are not a hallmark of aging?

  2. How long did the oldest welldocumented mouse in a scientific publication live and what strain was it?

  3. Protecting mitochondria from aging damage is important in rejuvenation biotechnology. Which of the following alternatives best describes the reason for why mitochondrial genes should be put into the nucleus?

  4. Which of the following factors are mostly correlated on a cellular level with the development of sarcopenia?

  5. What are the typical characteristics of a senescent cell?

  6. Aging of the cardiovascular system is primarily characterized by the following changes:

  7. Which of the following non-genetic interventions have BOTH been proven to substantially affect the average lifespan in protected lab mice that do NOT have a premature aging disorder?

  8. What does ADL stand for?

  9. Which agerelated change is currently generally the least understood when it comes to how it impacts the body on a clinical level?

  10. What evidence do we have of stem cell dysfunction in the aging human body?