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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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Running from Death #10: Refuting Clendinen, Brooks, and Lawler on Death

Mr. Stolyarov takes on some of the more "conservative" arguments against indefinite human life extension.


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Mr. Stolyarov takes on some of the more "conservative" arguments against indefinite human life extension. He addresses three recent articles by Dudley Clendinen, David Brooks, and Peter Lawler that have unfortunately continued to popularize the pro-mortality mindset. Brooks and Lawler draw on the fallacious arguments of Daniel Callahan and Sherwin B. Nuland, whose recent New Republic article Mr. Stolyarov refuted in "Running from Death #9".

This is a listener-supported program. While all audio broadcasts are available free of charge, donations are welcome and appreciated.

To donate as well as to download free MP3 files of "Running from Death" programs, go to http://rationalargum...gfromdeath.html

Mr. Stolyarov will also answer intelligent listener questions and arguments in subsequent broadcasts. Post them as comments here or send an e-mail to gennadystolyarovii@yahoo.com


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* "Eliminating Death #4: The Overpopulation Argument" by G. Stolyarov II -

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* "Socialized Healthcare: When Money Trumps Life" by G. Stolyarov II - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7o2iwDg-Sho

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